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Studiopolis Act2 - Sonic Stream Brief Footage


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In the brief stream earlier today where Aaron announced the delay for the Steam version, they also showed-off nearly a minutes worth of Studiopolis Act2 gameplay, which I think is worth making a topic about:

Really liking the remix. The level theme kind of reminds me of Casino Paradise from Sonic Advance. The background looks beautiful and some of the gimmicks remind me of the mobile game "Major Magnet" by PagodaWest.

When you enter the lotto-ball it's not clear how Sonic can "win" it.

For those who have already watched a full playthrough of act2 please don't spoil.

So, what do you guys think of it?

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I don't think the thumbnail is too spoiler-ish. We've seen that bingo gimmick in the reveal trailer last year (can't remember if that included the daytona reference).

As for the music, the looks...what can I say besides "I love it". 

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Really dig it and enjoy the Act 2 music. I caught that Sonic Advance 1 reference with the spinning sound effect from 0:20 being taken from Casino Paradise. 

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