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what would Nintendo do if they got sonic

A sonic fan

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But there is another side effect, no sonic games on other consoles or systems again like how it was in the Wii era.

No thanks

I personally like being able to play sonic games on my android, as soon as nintendo gets sega they would kill all ports off to othjer non nintendo systems.

Then its the P word.

Heck we have been wanting a true port for sonic colors for the PC a feat that could be done with ease but no we have to use emulators.


And no I wont buy a switch or a wii secondhand

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Nintendo does mobile games now so you could still have Sonic on Android/ios on top of 3DS & Switch.  But yea if you only had a PS4 or Xbone you'd be up a creek.

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Indeed and there are PS4 and Xbox owners who would love to play sonic.

As soon as Nintendo got sega its goodbye for PS4 or Xbox and the PC without emulation

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