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What if Sonic Forces had Sonic CD's Time Travel feature to an extent?

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Now, we know that Forces likely won't have this, but if it did, think about it: We have Eggman taking over the world, so there is a city under attack, a Green Hill Zone with sand instead of water, and possibly, later levels will have environments that are affected by Eggman's rule/pollution in some way. Assuming this is true, I thought it would have been kinda cool if they added the Time Travel feature from Sonic CD in Sonic Forces, or something similar. Here is how I envision it working. There would be three acts for each character, and they would have to find and destroy a device somewhere in the first two acts that secures Eggman's rule in the present (there would be no past levels, or time travel posts), and if both machines are destroyed in both acts, the third act would have a good future, where Park Avenue is shining and bright, while Green Hill is happier than before and has water, both are free from Eggman's rule. But if the player did not destroy those machines, the third act would be a near future where Eggman still rules the area, only the level looks works, with buildings beyond repair in Park Avenue and the grass and plants dying in Green Hill Zone. I know this is not exactly the same as the Time Travel mechanic in Sonic CD, but it does share some similarities as an idea. So, what do you all think? Do you think this could have worked?

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i didn't like the time traveling mechanic in sonic cd and sonic team would probably make it worse in forces.

i really don't think time traveling is necessary in the gameplay. having different parts of the level be set in different eras is cool though (like act 1 is past, act 2 is present and act 3 is future)

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Forces is juggling enough ideas as it is, I don't think a time travel mechanic is something it needs. If they did, though, that kind of implementation doesn't really fit a modern game too well. Sonic CD was a game you were meant to replay; you'd get Bad Futures in some playthroughs and Good Futures in others. In modern games you're not usually expected to start whole new playthroughs; you play through the game, then you replay levels on the same file to get ranks or collectables or whatever. So how would you handle having two versions of the Act 3s? You wouldn't want to bar the player from one of them, but it'd seem a bit odd to have the Bad Future versions stick around when your goal is to try to prevent them from existing.

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This is late, but I think this should go in Upcoming Sonic Games since it's about Forces.

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Think to SOME degree this is going to be part of the plot itself, but not so much the game play...

I guess the "dimension" traveling going on in Forces  is different from "time traveling" but then again I guess CD was more of a multi-verse thing where you went to different timelines in the same locations depending on...

You know what? Never mind. It makes my head hurt.

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