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TSS PHOTOSHOP CONTEST – Theme: Let's Give Him Something to Cry About (Deadline: Oct. 27), SEE PAGE 2


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Wow, this is great!  So I am assuming it can be any price of literature yes? Because I know just what I want to do! 

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9 minutes ago, Re:Ganma_02 said:

Submitted already but uh...


I have sinned.

0/10 age rating is too low

(seriously tho this is ace and I love it good jorb)

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56 minutes ago, VEDJ-F said:

Harambe's incident was a real life event, not a story. :/

A real life event so ground-breaking and tragic, it's worthy of its own story. In memory of the best gorilla memes have ever known.

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Here is my entry!




   Sonic falls asleep and wakes up in a strange world. His house seems to have fallen on a Witch.... Nice landing , house! ( Tails must have forgotten the landing gear!) 

     As Sonic leaves his house he meets some strange little creatures that tell him how to get home. Glinda the good witch comes,  and, unsure what to do,  tells him to follow a yellow brick road...."The wizard is powerful, maybe he can help you!"  Half tempted to go down the red path just for kicks, Sonic follows her directions. He gets confronted by The wicked witch of the west. She tries full effort to stop him in his paths but she fails. Along the way Sonic meets 3 friends: A Cowardly Lion (Tails... ), a Scarecrow (Knuckles), and tin man ( Silver) . each time he met one of them they started singing some copyright infringed parody song and Sonic was getting sick of it!.

      Seeing her efforts to stop Sonic have failed,  the Witch sent her trusted ally, and he can FLY! (shadow) . after a tough battle, Sonic and the three friends escape and travel into the poppy fields . They start falling asleep . "This is my chance!" the witch tried to jump on it, but suddenly it began to rain! and the poppy sleep powder wore off and Sonic and friends escaped! 

     It is too late!  Sonic made it to the Emerald city . the witches evil intentions failed! or perhaps.... 

      Sonic meets with the foretold wizard (eggman) and wishes to go home. But Sonic is not sent home.  He is trapped!  he and his friends were thrown into a land of dreams. in this land all their deepest desires can be realized. it was an imaginary land where they thought they were happy. but in real life their life energy was being drained to power the Emerald bot. this bot was designed by the Wizard to destroy the wonderful land . 

     The Witch of the West, knowing quite well that she needed to stop this evil from taking over the world, sneaks into the Emerald city, with her partners ( Played by shadow and Omega) .  She is able to use her magic to infiltrate the dreams of Sonic and friends. "You have to fight this. it is not real! the world is going to be destroyed using your own life!"  She helps Sonic and friends travel through their dreams. they fight a few battles and complete a few obstacles and finally awake. 

     The scarecrow suggests teaming up and using the energy of the emeralds hung around the room to re energize themselves. they do it and fight off the wizard and his powerful robot. The wizard is destroyed and the land returns to peace.  The Lion (er... fox that has a mane like a lion?? ) learns that he can have courage. He had it all along, he just needed to believe in himself. The Tin man realized he cared about everyone all along, and though people thought otherwise, he always had a heart. and the scarecrow learned he had a brain. He just needed to learn to use it... and Sonic was sent home by Glinda. She realized her mistake and apologized to him. and sent im off with an unwanted kiss. 

   Sonic woke up ...getting kissed on the cheek by Amy in real life.  


   The End..


   It had been created for  quite a while :) !  Thanks for looking/reading :)

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UPDATE! Entry limit now upped to TWO per people!

Thought I'd give it a bump since some folks have more than one idea they want to put down on this one. Loving the enthusiasm and your entries, guys! Keep 'em coming! (cough @Person)

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Well, since we're allowed to do two now I present my second entry: Sonic and the Eternal Night. It's based on Dracula if you couldn't tell.

Sonic and the Eternal Night.jpg


(EDIT): I found the initial cover to be overcrowded so I redid it with just Sonic. The original post can still be viewed below:


Well, since we're allowed to do two now I present my second entry: Sonic and the Eternal Night. It's based on Dracula if you couldn't tell.

Sonic and the Eternal Night.jpg

In case you're wondering the characters are as follows:

Sonic (Himself)

Jonathan Harker (Silver)

Dr. John "Jack" Seward (Tails)

Arthur Holmwood / Lord Godalming (Shadow)

Quincey Morris (Knuckles)

Mina Murray / Mina Harker (Amy, not pictured)

Lucy Westenra  (Cream, not pictured)

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (Shahra/Merlina/Caliburn equivalent, not pictured)

Count Dracula (Not pictured)



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