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Tips and Tricks for all Sonic Games [VERY FEW ITEMS]


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This seems like a nice idea, but aren't most tips and tricks just....kind of documented all over the internet already? GameFAQs, IGN, YouTube, etc?

Well, I'll contribute something obscure, I guess.

There's a secret passage in Chemical Plant Zone (Act 2) in Sonic 2. Here's some screenshots:

This is where you need to be...

Skip the speed booster.

Now turn the other way and spindash up the hill.

And if you time your jump just riiiiiight....

Boom shacka-lacka! Let's see what's up here...

Alrighty, some extra rings...

Wait, a speed booster!?

WWWOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHH (This is a crazy speed section, totally uninterrupted, too.)


Keep heading right through the bars...

...and you'll drop down right before the boss.

Proceed to destroy Robotnik!

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In general it's highly recommended to flesh out your OPs a bit more; for example, give some tips or tricks of your own. Still, not a bad topic (if not a super needful one). In fact, I'll bite. These will probably be really obvious to most, I'm not a good gamer at all and have barely even finished any games, but just in case there's someone out there who hasn't thought of these before xP

In Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 (& Knuckles), sometimes Tails can be a big help with the bosses, even if you don't get a second player to pick up a remote and win for you easily. If you aim your hits right, you can get Tails to hit the boss too, potentially allowing you to defeat the boss much quicker. A place where this is especially helpful is for the pre-pre-final boss of Launch Base Zone, the Ball Shooter. If you can manage to get Tails up onto the platform where Dr. Eggman is, he can really make short work of him!

In the Hydrocity Zone Act 2 boss, don't always just wait for the spinner-thing to suck you up and all that, it takes forever. Try using the propulsion provided by the bombs Eggy drops.

In the Marble Garden Zone Act 2 boss, remember that you can use Tails' spinning tails to hurt the boss, not just Sonic's spin attacks.

Come back later for more of MDS' Tips You Already Knew©!

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I'm pretty sure most people around here will know this very well, but Sonic's insta-shield move in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is really useful in a lot of situations. For example:

-You can use it to easily defeat spiny enemies such as Orbinaut, Skorp and Spikebonker, as it makes you immune to their spikes!

-You can use it to hit monitors, enemies and bosses much more easily, since it increases Sonic's attack radius.

-If you time it just right, you can pass through  projectiles, flamethrowers and other small/thin hazards unharmed!

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