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SEGA Week at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL, April 25th to 30th

Barry the Nomad

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Hi all, I wanted to give a heads up on a Sonic & SEGA community event I'm co-hosting with the Galloping Ghost arcade just outside Chicago in Brookfield, IL. Galloping Ghost Arcade is America's largest arcade, with over 500 classic arcade machines. I discovered the place about two years ago (they opened in 2010) and have visited as often as I could ever since. I got to know the owner and suggested that SEGAbits and the arcade join forces for an event. They hold a yearly SEGA Week, featuring ten ongoing SEGA tournaments over the course of a week, and I suggested we add to that and have the final day be a SEGAbits Saturday. With SEGA 3D Classics Collection releasing and Sonic's 25th, I chose April 25th to 30th to celebrate both, as well as the many other SEGA anniversaries happening this year.

So here's the happenings:

• All week long you can play and post scores for the ten games selected for the tournaments, the games will be SEGA titles and will be secret until the event kicks off on Monday

• Monday will see the reveal of some new (old) SEGA classic arcade machines

• Saturday will see more reveals of new (old) SEGA classic arcade machines including a BIG ONE (literally, it is a big machine)

• Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock champion Chris Tang will be in attendance all week long

• Saturday will also feature a kid's only Sonic tournament featuring SEGASonic the Hedgehog (Galloping Ghost is the only arcade in America to have this to my knowledge) as well as the recently acquired Sonic Championship aka Sonic the Fighters

• There just might be the occasional surprise challenges in which a certain goal needs to be met, if you win you get something (a Best of Sonic book, digital copy of 3D Classics Collection, a shirt)

• Special signage placed throughout the arcade noting anniversary titles and 3D Classics titles, complete with some trivia

The arcade is $15 to enter and play all day, with all games available. No quarters needed. Some former Gottlieb and Midway developers are friends of the arcade, so you can actually buy some cool signed prints at the counter from the creator of Q*bert. They occasionally show up for events like this, so who knows if you might bump into one of them. 

More details can be found here:



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