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Sonic the Hedgehog: Zone Creation


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You may, may, know me from my previous topic, months ago, but this one is more... just better and more organized!


Here are the... Rules:

- Do not use REMAKES of other levels

- No in-appropiate levels, that's right.

- You can't copy or add to someone else's idea, unless the person says at the end, ABLE TO CONTINUE.

- Have fun, don't be a boring person.


Here is the... Example:



Sonic Style: Classic Sonic

Theme: Rocky Desert

Acts: Act 1: Escape the machines, Act 2: Platforming Peril, Act 3: Dark Caverns, Boss Act: Egg Worm

General Power-ups: Act 1: Ring Boxes, Act 2: Shield Boxes, Ring Boxes, Eggman Boxes, Act 3: Speed Shoes, Invincibility, Eggman Boxes

Unique Power-ups: Act 1: Rocket Shoes (Super Speed Shoes), Act 2: Slow Shoes, Booster (Jump Boost), Act 3: Drill (Not Wisp, Allows to drill through broken walls)

Order: Stage 1


(Explanation of acts)

(Explanation of bosses)


Enemies: Batbot, Driller, Motobug, Sonic Chaser (Act 1 only), Rolley, Bouldar


Now, time to make your own! What will you create?




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