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SSMB group picture~planning thread (Requests are closed)

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C-can I be Stacy (with her hair down, if that's too complicated then normal ponytail is OK) from Totally Spies? This would fill my heart with j-joy...!

Reference: http://totallyspies.wikia.com/wiki/Stacy

Edit: Actually hair in a ponytail will probably be better because otherwise nobody will know who she is

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Luckily concept art for Klonoa exists so there should be some sort of reference you can use



(for some reason the second sketch reminds me of Daxter)

Have at it ;) (I don't exactly care about where I'm placed at, but I'm OK if I'm either next to Ryan or Felix, should he ever express interest in being in it)

This sounds nice, I like this. 

Only problem for me is that...I usually don't tend to associate myself with characters, it's usually inanimate objects...

It'd be fun to see a group photo with a flying airplane, that'd be pretty dope

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Even if you don't want to be a jet plane, you could always be Sonic the Comic's version of Sonic.

That would be cool, but I think that would be too redundant as Sonic is already supposed to be on this. And Sonikku said there can't really be any "other" Sonic characters outside of humans from X. 


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If it's doable I'd like to be represented as my own character:


Meet Shade, The Black Vortex.

I would think he's fairly Sonic-esque in this sprite, so hopefully it's possible for you to draw him. For now I don't really care who I'm next to.

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