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Anything you want from the franchise that'd never realistically happen?

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A game where you can switch between Sonic, Tails and Knuckles mid-game a la Heroes is an idea I'd like to see implemented again. Now, I don't like Sonic Heroes as a game, but that was mostly due to slow-paced combat, having to replay the game four times and its troubling obsession with bottomless pits. I think the character switching mechanic has potential, but it wasn't executed very well.

Imagine the characters' different abilities complementing each other throughout the game. For example, there may be part of a level with a lot of vertical/flight based platforming that only Tails could get past. This platforming exercise might be rewarded with a speed section, so the player could switch to Sonic and breezily boost through the next part of the stage.

Rather than "power", Knuckles' trait would be using his knuckles to dig and break through walls, whether it be to uncover some hidden goodies or to expose an alternate path. Again, the characters' skills could be used in tandem. Maybe the alternate path could be full of pits sending the player to their death (or an earlier part of the level). Knuckles might be able to glide, but only Tails would be able to transport all three characters across.

As for other things I want to see that'll never happen, I'd like to see Adventure-style 2D artwork on the covers for future games, Mighty, Ray and Fang properly reintegrated into the series, and Shaymay's 3D Sonic concept being turned into a fully fledged game.


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