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Tweet the Devs: Let's Get Cloud Sync for Sonic Dash in Windows 10!


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Hi all,

For those who don't know, Sonic Dash is one of the most-popular, highest-downloaded games in Windows 10. You can get it on your PC, phone and/or tablet from the Windows 10 store:


However, there's a serious issue the developers aren't addressing. Sonic Dash for Windows 10 currently lacks cloud sync, which is enabled in the iOS and Android versions of the game. This means

  • your progress completing missions
  • characters unlocked
  • upgrades spent on characters
  • rings and red star rings collected
  • other game data and achievements

are not synced across your Windows 10 devices.

So if your computer fails and you need to reset it, or you simply get a new computer, or get a new phone, or want to switch between playing on your computer and on your tablet, or [insert 1000 other scenarios here], you're out of luck. As soon as you try to play on a new device (and let's be honest, nowadays people get new phones & other devices every 1-2 years), you have to start all over again every time. 

This isn't a limitation of Windows 10. Virtually every other app makes use of cloud sync; Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda use Facebook to sync your game progress, and Microsoft Office, Groove Music, etc. store your data to OneDrive through your Microsoft Account so it's always backed up. This is nice because no matter which device you choose to use, you'll always have the same *experience* across devices. So the technology is there in Windows 10, but the Sonic Dash developers haven't used it.

I've been sending in bug reports through help.sega.net since January 2015, and I only get empty replies from customer support, like

I'm afraid there's not much we can offer in terms of resolution right at this very moment, but they will be reviewing all reports of problems received to help them better plan future updates.

So I'm asking you to lend a hand, by tweeting the developers of Sonic Dash and asking them to enable cloud sync in Sonic Dash for Windows 10. Let them know it's frustrating to have to start all over again every time you upgrade your PC or get a new Windows 10 device (when it could be synced to your OneDrive / Microsoft Account, or to Facebook like Candy Crush and other apps in Windows 10).

The development team is Hardlight Studio, and they can be reached on Twitter at


Thank you. Hopefully, with your help, we can get their attention!

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