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Western Classic Sonic's head


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It really bugs me that this Sonic's quills are not one continuous line (like the Japanese version). Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:5873196665f35434ccc742fc8607701c.jpg

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This really lacks discussion value, but...

It usually is that the Japanese designs are better than the American design. If this is not the case, then you FOOLS! You have messed with the natural order!

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To this day, it still baffles me as to why the Western 'assface' Classic Sonic even exists. 


Considering Sega were specifically designing Sonic to have a culturally neutral design to as to appeal equally worldwide, and furthermore specifically taking American appeal into account as they knew this was a huge market. Yet somehow somebody at Sega of America decided "Nah, needs to be more American".


I personally can't stand the Western take on Classic Sonic. He just comes across as a weird, misshapen and exaggerated 'extreme' caricature of what Sonic is, and is supposed to be. Sonic himself doesn't look inherently Japanese. Western!Sonic looks like your most painfully typical, ten-a-penny 'extreme' wacky 90s American cartoon caricature in my opinion. It's not an art style I'm overly fond of, and not one I feel fits Sonic.

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It certainly looks like his quills are one continuous line and I'm pretty sure they are in all western classic artwork...and why does it even matter...(question mark)

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I think in the American Sonic, the quill's don't look continuous because it's designed to be more like a mowhawk hair style. Where traditionally, Sonic has 6 quills, but in the american Sonic, he actually has only 3 quills.


This is made even more evident with photos of the SEGA Mascot in the 1991 Sonic the Comic Yearbook with "Sonic" posed with Stars!



Notice the design is based on the western ball-head, clown Sonic

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Well, I don't mind it too much. It's pretty classic!


However, that was back when Sonic was still in his early stages. They nailed his design, nowadays.

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