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Sega Genesis Model 2 Video Problem


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So I recently got a Sega Genesis, sounds awesome right? Well this Sega Genesis has a peculiar problem with the video output. My dad and I searched and searched but it seemed no one else has ever heard of this problem.


The problem is, it only outputs video in greyscale. We have tried everything we could think of. Buying an A/V cord to replace the RF switch it came with, opening it up and checking for any obvious problems like cold solder, and switching from an old TV to the flat screen in the living room.


Thanks in (Sonic) Advance for your help! smile.png

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Checked that, we actualy went in and got the video signal directly from the genesis to our TV, so that's ruled out. But thanks for the sugestion! Oh, yea, and about the model, the model 2 is honestly my favorite. Mostly because of the size and shape, but I don't really care about the hardware unless it has a BIG difference in something other than video and sound.


Sounds like a bad video encoder or dried out capacitor. Sega-16 could probably help.

And just to let you know, I have checked out Sega-16, but I haven't signed up yet.

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