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Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)

Badnik Mechanic

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4 minutes ago, CaptainRobo said:

This is from the official Sonic movie Twitter account.

Cryptic.. perhaps Metal Sonic will appear and frame Sonic, much like how in SA2 the govt thought Shadow was Sonic. 

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7 minutes ago, Graystripe2000 said:

I don’t think this is hinting at anything in the sequel.

You are right that the hashtag is for the 2020 movie. 

But it is fun to speculate. ;) 

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Might as well give my thoughts on the movie.

It's OK. We have seen this "human and CG cartoon animal" plot before and this movie doesn't do anything special with the format. That being said, it is better than some of them. For one thing, the main focus is still on Sonic, particularly focusing on his loneliness. While his constant pop culture references can get a bit grating, he never goes into an annoying territory and shows care for others. Ben Schwartz's performance is also a big plus. Another thing is that Tom is likable. He isn't some loser trying to get the girl. He is married and is a respected sheriff.

Jim Carrey steals the show as Dr. Robotnik. I think what I like about him he is already one step away from being a supervillain. He is egotistical, misanthropic, and dismissive. As one military guy puts it, he is a "psychological tire fire". Yet he can also still be a threat despite his eccentricities. On a similar note, I love the chemistry between him and Agent Stone.
I think my favorite action scene in the movie was the car chase because of the Matryoshka doll element: Destroy one robot and a smaller one pops out.

Some parts did made me groan. One was Sonic admitting he was a "poorly disguised hedgehog" during his Dennis Hopper from Speed impersonation. There is a place for meta-humor and all that line does is call attention to how flimsy it is. Wade taking Tom's sarcasm about Barbados way too literally ("How did you get back so quickly?") was another and he never shows that level of stupidity for the rest of the film, so it's inconsistent as well. And who can forget Rachel, who is just there to be the annoying in-law who hates Tom for no reason?

All of that being said, I think the film is a fine watch. If it wasn't for Sonic's expressive and cute redesign, the scenes with pathos wouldn't have worked nearly as well with the original design.

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Would anyone believe me if I said without joke that the first sonic movie has officially become my new fave movie of all time?


I can see how the humour, less than original story and the references may put people off but I liked the story, the characters (especially how they portrayed sonic my fave game hero), the action, humour and how it seemed to treat adapting this character with response

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