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I still think this topic is an incredibly stupid idea right now (rubbing salt in the wound much), but eh, not my decision to keep it open and not the subject of the topic.


My assumption here is that you probably think it's a stupid idea because people can just consult a guide online or something. While this is true (to an extent), sometimes other people can tell more about something than a guide possibly can. For example, I own a guide for Sonic Advance 2, but it's a fact that I never would have finished that game if I wasn't helped by a fellow member who had completed it multiple times. It creates a connection between members, allowing them to bond over a similar struggle and work together to overcome it. At least, that's how I view it.


As for Red Rings, there are a few good guides on Youtube that you can look over. I haven't finished finding all of them myself, so if I find a good guide for them I'll be sure to post it here.

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I echo what Verte said, there are a lot of annoying invisible walls, especially on the 2D missions and sometimes you will have to think outside the box, and when you get it you'll think "oh yeah why didn't I think of that!"

A good tip is to check behind obstacles in the 3D courses, I know of I think 2 in Sweet mountain where they are just behind some canisters out of view.

Also bear in mind that there are a very few levs where you can get all of the red rings without the wisps, but they might make it easier!

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What part gives you problems?

If I remember it right, there is a part after a ramp, where Hammers are swinging from the ceiling. I try to take my time, but it's still hard to get through.

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Just after you have jumped the ramp and avoided the Egg fighters go to the right and there is a path down there that'll give you enough time to run up and aim yourself, I find its better to go faster through that part

Or if its near the end with the swing bars all I can say us to time it carefully (or if your lucky swing high enough and hit the dash button) if you are high enough you should boost onto the platform at the far end

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Be aware that Colours is afflicted with invisiblewalleritis in quite a few areas in stages so if you passed-by a Red Ring, sometimes you may have to restart the level to grab it.


A lot of the Red Rings demand very specialized use of the Wisp forms such as Blue Cube for at least one Red Ring in an Aquarium Park act that only features the Blue Wisp. Quite a lot of the Red Rings are really cleverly placed and demand that you think before using, like the puzzle in Aquarium Park with the metal boxes in the air.


I'm sure Youtube has a red ring guide smile.png


Yeah I've ran into the invisible wall issue a few times.


Thanks for the tips.

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