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Sonic Team: A retrospective


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I'm surprised this topic hasn't gotten any posts. You seemed to have a lot to say about Sonic Team, El Driver. I don't have much to say, aside from they're a developer I will always hold deeply in my heart. They developed the first Sonic game I ever played, Sonic Adventure, and I will continue to support them all the way through. They've made some stupid game design decisions, but most developers do. To be honest though, I haven't played any games from them outside of Sonic the Hedgehog. I would love to purchase Nights on Xbox Live some day, but that's for another time. Sonic Team, you will always have my gratitude for creating my favorite video game character, Sonic the Hedgehog. I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table with Sonic:Lost World and other upcoming titles.

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I have to say Sonic Team is one of the most innovative, controversial, and very interesting developer in the last few decades.  They have a very rich history with the Genesis era and making really amazing games that hold up very, very well today, are part of the reason we never played Sonic X-treme (with Naka not letting Sega Technical Institute using the Nights engine for the game alongside not having much hope for the game), and experimented a lot during the Dreamcast/GC days by adapting the classic games into 3d (though how well that happened is up to the player).


They also are one of the rare examples of a Rocky esc fall in gaming history; they fell hard with both Shadow and 06, but kept training (Secret Rings), got themselves strong but had ways to go (Unleashed), got their grove and started defeating foes (Colors) and now they are knocking out their compition left and right and are back to being at the top (Generations and Lost World).


Edit: Forgot to mention their non Sonic games biggrin.png

Their non sonic tittles were all really awesome and very varied; Nights is a beautiful game with a wonderful soundtrack and taking the momentum-based gameplay from the 2d Sonics and converted it in to a flying game, heard nothing but good things from Burning Rangers (loved the theme from the game in Sonic Transformed :)), Samba de Amigo being a very fun game, (I think they made this) Space Channel 5 being a great game, and I loved Billy Hatcher with it's simple gameplay mixed with fun mechanics with the eggs.

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As far as the mid to late 90's go, I wished I had the chance to play the growth of new titles they developed like Burning Rangers. Yeah they are controversial as well as just as being creative (at least around that time period) of offering more than just Sonic the Hedgehog. I wish that they can go down that route once again.

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