Meet Omelette, Sonic Mania’s Accidental New Boss Character

It was only a matter of time before someone managed to completely misread the sprites in Sonic Mania and create a brand new character out of it. We just didn’t think it would happen so soon! One player in particular has captured the hearts and minds of the Sonic community by epically misinterpreting one of the bosses. Introducing ‘Omelette’ / ‘Eggette’ / ‘Ovoid Robotnik’!

Artist Alpha Gamboa had reached the Eggman spider mech boss (found at the end of the Flying Battery) and, instead of seeing Dr. Eggman piloting the mech upside-down, saw a cute and angry munchkin with spiky hair and a crazy headband. She was christened ‘Eggette’ by Gamboa and his imagination shortly went wild with the above drawings being published as a result.

Naturally, this was very quickly embraced by everybody on Twitter – including key artists who worked on the Sonic Mania project as well as SEGA staff – and fan art of this mad misread of a boss battle started to blossom. There’s now even a sweet little canon made just for her, as Dr. Eggman’s earnest niece. Alternative names for her also started flying around, including ‘Eggatha’, ‘Omelette’, ‘Dr Ovoid Robotnik’ and ‘Yolki Dolki’. Here are some of our favourites.

With Sonic Mania a huge critical success – with tons of community support – and with SEGA keeping an eye on fan sentiment around the game post-launch, we’ll say this now; if a ‘Sonic Mania 2’ project gets green-lit in the future, we definitely want ‘Omelette’ to play a part in it.

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  1. Among all the ridiculous good it’s done, Sonic Mania has now also produced the only good Sonic OC.

    Somebody cancel Forces now.

  2. I still think Omlette “Scrambles” Robotnik (or whatever her last name would be) is a better name. Have her use “Scrambles” after Robotnik tells her to “scram” like how Robotnik started using “Eggman” after Sonic insulted him in Adventure.

  3. I REALLY want this to be a canonical character. Orbot and Cubot are both good in their own respect, but Omelette with Eggman as his niece just feels better. I hope SEGA incorporate her into the Sonic canon soon. Maybe start her off with that design in Sonic Mania 2 and if well received bring her into the legacy/modern series with an updated design to match current Eggman.

  4. This… Is actually a brilliant concept.

    I would genuinely love to see the Mania team use her in some sort of successor title they might make in the future. lol

  5. I love the design and enthusiasm about this character, but you all understand that it would be a legal nightmare if Sega tried to co-opt it now right? This is literally a fan-made OC. You’re more likely to see Princess Sally in a video game before this character because at least Sega already owns the rights to her.

  6. No. Just NO, Sonic fandom community! This has got to be a serious joke, wanting this to be an actual canonical character. Glad people are having fun with it but this should not come to pass. There were already enough ‘hardcore SEGA fan’-servicing elements, to include odd non-Sonic-gameplay elements (Mean Bean Machine boss) and throwback stage themes (that try to call attention to the true glory days but just don’t fully measure up to the caliber of their sources) that tried to throw that game off the tried-and-true novelty path. I don’t want this to be a thing to tarnish the originality of it all.

    Also, that one with Cluck has her smiling like a Chucky doll.

      1. Also, why do you bother? the remake stages in mania were awesome, they feel just like they were many years ago, and the mean bean machine boss was a nice throwback, and it’s REALLY original, plus it’s sonic’s anniiversary, they have the right to do whatever they want to please the fans and have a nice conmemoration of sonic’s past. that’s why the reused stage were even a thing, in the anniversary of a franchise, there’s three things that matter
        1) Pleasing the fans
        2) Conmemorating the series’ past and including refferences to the series’ past, from unused things, forgotten characters, and the older games of said franchise
        3) Trying to make not just a good game, trying to make an amazing one
        saying that is like insulting the fanbase and then poruing sonic’s birthday cake over the floor.
        look at crash, he’s got some remakes of his old games, look at Metroid, he’s got another 2D game and the long awaited Metroid Prime 4, look at kirby, combo abilitys and multiplayer are back, and even look at mario even tough his aniversary was like 2 years ago, having a game about pleasing the fanbase (Mario Maker) to let them create their own levels.
        In a nutshell: if you’re franchise has over 10 years, make a fanservice FILLED game.

  7. I could honestly see her as a replacement to Snively from the archie comics and SatAM. It could really work.

  8. “if a ‘Sonic Mania 2’ project gets green-lit in the future, we definitely want ‘Omelette’ to play a part in it.”

    Dear lord, NO. The last thing we need is the canonization of fancharacters.

  9. Except as a Sonic fan character, I doubt she will. The legal ramifications are so huge it’s not even funny. Not saying I don’t want to see her in, I do, I would love to see this character in a future game. I’m just trying to be realistic here.

    1. Actually the only person they’d have to come to an agreement with is Alpha Gamboa, not every single pwrson who drew fanart of her… that being said, i doubt they would and Alpha himself asked people to stop begging the Mania staff to add her.

      1. Is it possible they reach out to him with a job opportunity? He was a concept artist for Skull Girls and Disney Interactive, so it’s not like he’s unqualified.

  10. This is awesome. Omelette is the best character design in over 10 years. Would love to see her come back as a real thing.

  11. *facepalm* really someone didn’t realize that was just Eggman himself but upside down. Someone has an overactive imagination. Sorry but I don’t think she isn’t going to be cannon.

        1. I mean, neither was yours, and yet you still had to be a debbie downer.

          I guess watching paint dry is your definition of ‘fun’.

        2. And that’s why i want her, the idea is SO CREATIVE it would be the best sonic character design in years.

  12. I hope she at the very least becomes canon to the IDW comics, if they aren’t allowed to use DIC characters like the Archie comics did, she’d make a great replacement to Snively. It’s about time Classic Sonic got it’s own Peridot-type character. X)”

  13. I don’t think she’d end up being made canon…

    but, that doesn’t mean that they can’t make an official character like her in a future game.

  14. What even… yeah shes a cute design but “no please!” Eggman doesn’t need a Bowser Jr. and we don’t need fans dictating what Sega should make canon or not.

    Leave it be people…

  15. Omelette could go great as Snivley’s daughter and the villain of the kids team. Tails or Cream go off to defeat Omelette and her evil robot Tails Doll.

  16. She kinda reminds me of that one Courage the Cowardly Dog episode where Muriel regresses into a child and is a massive dick.

    1. Yup. She would definitely have the spoiled brat shtick, while Eggman and his two lack would have to shut her up every two seconds. Sounds like something out of AoStH.

  17. She’s lovely! I would go with Dr. “Eggatha” or “Omelette” Robotnik as her name among all those proposed, but she’s the cutest, she just has to become a real character now! …in Sonic Mania 2, perhaps?

  18. This character is actually fit for the Sonic universe (much better than Mecha from the Archie comic).

    The only issue is, where did she come from (more confusing than any of Bowser’s kids)?

    But the possibilities are endless. She could team up with Wendy Koopa in a crossover. She could even be the link to Eggman Nega as a descendant.

    If only she was more than a fan character.

    1. i have an idea:
      as we know, Sonic was born in an south island, he loves living there until robotnik tried to take down angel island after robotnik’s defeat sonic became known as a hero and robotnik became jelous at Sonic
      after robotnik’s neverseen wife gave birth and cared of her, he visited robotnik, and finding that his dad is pretty jelous of sonic, he starts helping him.

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