Classic Rock Brings Together Mystic Cave, Chemical Plant


The latest hotness from OCRemix is “Mystic Chemicals,” a real “live” piece who’s sound calls back to the early days of bands like Led Zepplin.  The drums are heavy and loose (sometimes too loose) as the guitar wails away on that familiar Mystic riff.  Chemical Plant gets worked in midway through the song for a rockin’ good time.  XMark did a great job in capturing the feel and sound of 60s/70s rock.

Download “Mystic Chemicals” at OCRemix

Sonic the Hamilton

I like almost all music.  “Almost, you say, Slinger?”  Yeah, I cannot stand country whatsoever.  When you go to karaoke night at the bars every Wednesday night, the hicks in Nebraska love to sing their Garth Brooks.  I’m rather open about rap and hip-hop, as the beats and grooves can prove to be rather cathartic at the end of the day.  That, and it can really pump me up before I step onto the field.  I have been talking a lot about Charles Hamilton lately, because I like his sound and he has been making news with the release of his new mixtape, “Sonic the Hamilton.”  I have had a while to check out his new tracks and I urge you to give this Hedgehog-lovin’ rapper a shot.

As a mixtape, I expect a lot of songs to use sampling.  A majority of this mixtape does that and it is rather successful.  A well-executed sample can add new dimension to a song and allow people to relive the source material.  Many of Hamilton’s samples are, of course, Sonic tunes and when I heard the familiar Genesis tracks, I could not help but not my head with the beat. Continue reading Sonic the Hamilton