Jakks Announces Ray the Flying Squirrel Plush, Egg Robo & Espio Figures

Jakks Pacific’s latest waves of Sonic toys have been revealed, and they include some rarely and never-before-seen faces!

In their upcoming 9th wave of Sonic 4 inch figures, Egg Robo makes its action figure debut. It also includes Espio, who hasn’t had a figure since that one Jazzware figure years ago. The wave also includes Modern Sonic with a star spring, and Modern Tails with an invincibility box.

Perhaps the most notable new addition is the Ray the Flying Squirrel plush, which will be a part of their 7th wave of plushes. In the character’s almost 30 years of existence, this will be his very first official plush. Jade Wisp also makes their plush debut as a part of this wave, which also includes reissues of Mighty (who debuted last year) and Modern Sonic.

An 8th wave of 2.5 inch figures was also revealed, which includes Classic Sonic, Classic Knuckles, Classic Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Modern Tails.

Finally, a second wave of 4 inch Sonic movie figures has also been revealed, though no details have been confirmed.

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Lights, Camera, Action… Figure! New Sonic Playsets Confirmed via Leak.

The leaks keep coming! It would seem that JAKKS Pacific has some new Sonic the Hedgehog action figures in the pipeline, including the iconic Death Egg Robot, Mighty, Silver and what looks to be some setpieces from Sonic Mania’s Studiopolis Zone!

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UPDATE: First Sonic Boom Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

UPDATE 2: Sega’s twitter provided a HQ PNG pic of the box for your viewing pleasure:

Bu9BMZQIEAAgIcX.png origUPDATE: Offer also available in Canada at EB Games.


An advert for the gaming store GameStop shows what appears to be the first pre-order incentive for Sonic Boom.


For all customers who pre-order Sonic Boom at a North American branch of GameStop will receive a Sonic action figure which comes with an accessory called ‘The Ancients Crystal.’ Doesn’t seem to matter if you pre-order the 3DS or Wii-U version of the game, you’ll still get your figure so long as stocks last.

Interestingly, the first pre-order bonus is an actual physical item and not digital content, typically GameStop would offer some sort of pre-order bonus code if the game supported them.

We’ll keep you up to date with any more pre-order bonuses or incentives as and when we find them.

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Jazwares Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures Coming to the UK Later This Week

UK collectible specialist retailer Forbidden Planet is now taking pre-orders for Jazwares’ set of Sonic 20th Anniversary action figures. The figures will be released this coming Thursday October 6th and are priced between £7.99 and £22.99, depending on the size of the figure.

To view the collection and/or get your pre-order(s) in, head over to Forbidden Planet’s website.

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Jazwares Confirms Classic Knuckles Figure In The Works

Sonic action figure maker Jazwares has revealed in reply to a fan query on their Facebook page that work is underway on a Classic Knuckles action figure.

Well folks he is in the works. And he looks AWESOME!

No pictures or details about the figures have been released, but we would assume it will be part of the 20th Anniversary line and be out before Christmas.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details.

Source: Jazwares Facebook page

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Jazwares Reveal Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures & Plushes At London Toy Fair

Jazwares has revealed their plans to launch a series of special Sonic 20th Anniversary figures and plushes at a recent London Toy Fair. A range of prototypes and concepts were on show at Jazwares’ booth, including a figures series called “Sonic Through Time”, which as the name suggests are figures based on Sonic’s design at a various year in his life. Also on show was a Shadow figure & comic pack, classic Dr.Eggman with Egg Robo’s figure pack, modern Dr.Eggman with Egg Pawns figure pack and modern Tails with a modern sandworm Badnik figure pack. New plushes shown were a large Shadow and a large classic Sonic, both 20th Anniversary labelled.

Since this line up was shown at a London toy fair, there’s hope that Tomy (distributor of Jazwares figures in the UK) will release these in the UK. No other information is available at present, but we’ll keep an eye out and report back. For now, check the two photos out and share your opinion of these new figures in the comments.

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ToyGlobe.com Listing Sonic Free Riders Action Figures

As well as a Sonic Colours action figure, U.S. toy retailer ToyGlobe.com now have 3 listings for Sonic Free Riders action figures. The figures can be bought as a two-piece set of Sonic and Jet for $18.95, or you can buy them individually. Alone, Sonic costs $9.95 and Jet will set you back another dollar at $10.95, so buying them together will save you $1.95. The figures are currently listed for a November release, which of course matches the month of the games release. No pictures or sizes are available at present, but we’ll keep an eye open for any released in the future and pass them along.

Source: ToyGlobe.com

Pics of the Sonic Colours Figure, Argos Drops Price

EB Games Australia is now listing the Sonic Colours: Special Edition that other countries have been listing for a while, which comes with a Sonic Colours themed action figure, but until now we’ve not seen a picture of it. Two pictures are now available, but why two you say? Because it appears you get different Wisps with your Sonic figure depending on which version of the game you purchase. The Wii version comes with a White Wisp, an Orange Wisp and a Cyan Wisp, while the DS version comes with a Yellow Wisp, a Red Wisp and a Blue Wisp. Seems odd that the Blue Wisp would come with the DS version, since it only appears in the Wii version. If you pre-order, you can still get the free Sonic hat too.

Argos, who we told you will be giving the figure away with pre-orders in the UK, has now
slightly lowered their prices for both versions. The Wii version has been dropped from £33.99 to £31.99 and the DS version has been dropped from £25.99 to £24.99.

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ToyGlobe.com Listing Sonic Colours Action Figure

ToyGlobe is now listing a Sonic Colours action figure. No picture of the figure is available, but the description says it is Sonic and measures in at 5 inches. The figure comes with a Wisp, but there’s no clarification on what kind of Wisp it is. According to the retailer, the figure will be released in November this year, which is the same month the Sonic Colours game is released on Wii and DS. The figure is available to pre-order for $14.95 on ToyGlobe’s website. Could this be the same figure being packaged with the “Special Edition” available for pre-order in some parts of the world?

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Tomopop Review Jazware’s Metal Sonic Figure *Lotsa New Pic’s*

Jazware's Metal Sonic

Anthony DePasquale from Collectible toy enthusiast website Tomopop has got his hands on Jazware’s new Metal Sonic action figure and has posted up a review of the figure with a collection of photo’s of Metal in various poses and duking it out with Optimus Prime of Transformers fame.

Anthony gives some very positive feedback on the figure, claiming it to be a perfect gift and assures that Sonic fans and action figure fans alike will love it.

You can check out Anthony’s review and LARGE amount of pic’s here.

If your interested in buying the figure Toys R Us list it at $17.99 but are currently out of stock. Anthony says he got it for $16 so it might be cheaper in-store.

More Metallic Madness! Metal Sonic Action Figure Planned

metalprotoFor those of you who simply havent had their fill of Metal Sonic this week with the announcement of the Jazwares’ Metal Sonic chibi figure, then fear not, as it looks like we have more shiny goodness on it’s way!

Pick up August’s copy of Toyfare magazine and you’ll find a nice feature on Jazware’s currently lined-up selection of Sonic toys, which not only includes a super-articulated Knuckles figure to join the host of others on the market, but that there is also a 10″ Metal Sonic action figure in the works too.

The figure looks to be in it’s prototype stages, but hopefully this high level of detail will be retained in the product – if so it’ll join the list of must-have items for hardcore fans to own. The other good news is it doesn’t look to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive (unlike the JUVI chibi version), so you hopefully won’t have to pay collector’s exclusive prices for it! However it looks like it will be another Toys R’ Us exclusive, so us Brits will probably be forking out a fortune on shipping and handling from US ebay sellers once again.

You can check out the full article scan here.

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New Merchandise: Super Sonic/Shadow figures

super-sonic-figure-tru super-shadow-figure-tru

It seem’s Toys R Us can’t get enough of our favourite video game franchise, after the exclusive Sonic Unleashed posable Werehog action figure’s you can now pre-order two new figures exclusively at their stores/website.

The two figures available are Sonic Super
Posers – Super Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Super Posers – Super Shadow The Hedgehog. Bet you can’t say either of those fast without stopping for breath. Both are extremely posable with (as the packaging puts it) “Over 25 points of articulation”, great for those battles with your sisters Barbie dolls. Each figure costs $10.99 and their estimated ship date is 05/10/2009(that’s 10th May 2009 for us Brit’s).

You can pre-order the figures at Toys R Us website at the following links –
Super Sonic
Super Shadow

No sign of the figures on the UK Toys R Us website at the moment but we’ll let you know if they do turn up.

JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures

SEGA has signed a fresh merchandising deal to get new figures made based on a range of their franchises – including Sonic. The collaboration has been made with toy company Racing Champions, via their newly-formed JoyRide Studios group, as well as games magazine GamePro whose association will allow the figures to come included with “codes, strategies and cheats” for certain games. Continue reading JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures