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Sonic Expo 2023 (Dallas, TX)

Sonic Expo 2023 (Dallas, TX)

Fan convention that featured many voice actors, a Crush 40 concert and many intriguing panels!

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Maple Syrup

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AAAAAAH! My dream! I am in Texas but I wasn't able to go because of other festivities! I hope something like this happens next year! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Criticism is appreciated as usual.
      Dr.Eggman model: Apoc Hedgie & RandomTBush
    • Criticism is welcome to my art work.

      Shadow model:
      -Apoc Hedgie
    • *heavy breathing, trying my best to hold it together, clearly crying* yeah its a good show
      But yeah, if you haven't seen it and have friends that are into it, I would totally recommend getting into it. It is an absolutely beautiful show written by people who understand all the little intricacies and flaws of the human psyche, and created a passion project that gave us relatable and emotional characters. It's funny and heartbreaking at the same time. I watched it again with my grandmother some time ago, and she really liked it! If you haven't really read into it, then I'll give you a plot synopsis (really just an excuse for me to talk about my favorite show), but feel free to skip it!
      Oh, and thank you for your complement towards my artstyle!! I've been struggling to get back into the groove of drawing Sonic characters, so this means a lot :) ! I was actually thinking of doing some sketches of a Good Omens Sonic AU to kind of retrain myself, but I'm in the process of doing enough actual Good Omens art as is lol
    • Wow. This art is very nice! I don't know this show at all, but yet I love this. We finally got pirate Sonic and Shadow now!
    • Not a fan yet myself, but I've heard so much about the show and a bunch of my friends are so into it... Linking them this art made 'em very happy - and I adore your artstyle! I think this may inspire me to actually go watch it now, finally
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