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TGS Japanese Trailer

Badnik Zero

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Sega was streaming this for hours today and yesterday at TGS, but I couldn't find it anywhere else.

I recorded it and uploaded my first YouTube video. Woo~

It's got the two new short cinemas with the rocket and spikes Wisp, and a second of Starlight Carnival.

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Doesn't do much for me, but it's kind of neat I suppose. Thanks for going through the effort of doing that, though.

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Interesting video, though I do wish Sega would start using instrumental music for their main themes. Maybe it's just me. <_<

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Star light carnival (the new zone) reminds me a lot of Levitated Ruins in sonic and the secret rings, that purple light road in star light carnival is so similar to the yellow light road in Levitated Ruins.

no wonder why, because its made by the story book team as well as the people who did unleashed.

specially how it flips while you are running on it.

Carnival Star Light From Sonic Colors :


Levitated Ruins from sonic and the secret rings :


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^ And the ships too. Levitated Ruin was imitating Egg Fleet with it's large floating landmasses. I wonder if we'll run on them.

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a non automated version of secret rings stage, interesting

you do as well know its made by the story book team too.

if you played secret rings you would know how much passion they put in that game, its a great game. in the black knight it wasn't as good, it felt like it was rushed with its mechanics and level design,

my guess is that ogawara (who produced secret rings) left sonic team with yujinaka because i remember yujinaka toke 10 of sonic team members when he left, this is probably why black knight wasn't as good.

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LASER! x.x




sega.... ._.

lol They said Sega casually like it was no big deal.

The commercial doesn't do it for me, but it was kinda nice I suppose.

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Why is no one saying something about that short but sweet CGI? The rocket wisp part is...delicious!!! the dust animation is great! cant wait to see that in full glorious HD :D Spikes wisp was too short but it looks sweet too! I thought they would only show cyan and drill in the intro, but it looks like they are showcasing them all! if its true I cant wait to see the purple-ish wisp in action :D

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