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If there's one thing that almost never fails to disappoint me in this series, it's the sheer diversity and unpredictability of the bosses. So what sort of ideas would you think would work for a boss fight? Here are some of mine.

Name: Egg Toboggan

Appearance: Eggman is in the Eggmobile which is lodged in a large, armed, red sled.

Gameplay: The stage starts in 2D where Sonic is snowboarding down a mountain in pursuit of Eggman on this vehicle. To attack, the Egg Toboggan releases bombs that Sonic has to jump over and launces missiles that Sonic has to crouch under. Sometimes, it releases homing missiles horizontally that will be seen coming from the background which Sonic must move left and right (or more accurately, up-left, down-right) to dodge. When the screen flips to 3D, the Egg Toboggan will slowly move back and forth. Sonic must dodge oncoming trees and look out for jump ramps. When Sonic hits a jump ramp, press A to launch and aim for the Eggmobile. Repeat 5 times to win.

Name: Egg Metro

Appearance: Eggman is conducting a long, 3 car subway train. The front car is shaped like Eggman's face.

Gameplay: The stage starts where Sonic is chasing the train in 3D. Sonic must dodge oncoming projectiles as he tries to hop onto the first car. On the first car, Sonic goes to a 2D perspective and must dodge projectiles shot by the train. When he gets to the end, he goes curls into his classic "buzzsaw" form and grinds the chain that connects that car off. He once again chases the next part of the train. When he gets on that one, there is a 3D perspective. Sonic must move left and right and jump and slide to dodge lights, signs and fences above the train. Then he saws it off and chases the next car. This part is a top down perspective where lasers are aimed at Sonic from the side of the trains, and he must dodge them while proceeding to the front. He jumps in front of Eggman's train and is chased by Eggman's train. Eggman will attack with projectiles once again. Sonic must jump and hit Eggman's window 5 times to beat him.

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