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Sonic 4 Trailer Youtube Poop

Shaddix Leto Croft

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Ok i made a vist to Insector youtube channel he has tons of great videos of many of them werid and sonicy stuff and he made such a gem recently


i didnt like the trailer much before but now i love this one to pieces XD (even tho i love the leaked video of Sonic 4 what was poorly played and shitty camara work lol)


he even made a shit tune from SA1 Twinkle park epic in so many ways


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No contest. It's way better than that jingle from the Sega website from Hedgehog day. If Sega were to use this, hell even to replace the SE-GAAAA! at the beginning, I'd be ok with it.

EDIT- I'm fully aware that this topic compares this to a real trailer, but hey, it's better than the theme anyway.

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This is why I love Insector, he just makes so much lovely crap..

Hire Insector Sega! He just made the most beautiful thing out of this trailer dammit! :lol:

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These were kind of cool. Much better then the usual "poop" that only a 5 year old child with down syndrome would laugh at

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The way he did the Sonic 4 trailer was interesting. I watched some weird youtube poop but I like that one.

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Oh man...I'm never going to think of Twinkle Park the same way ever again! :lol:

Not sure what to say about the Sonic 4 trailer, but it's pretty interesting.

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