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Six degrees of "ZA WARUDO!"


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It's a relatively little known fact that Silver's gameplay in 06 was based off of remnants of "Fifth Phantom Saga", a discontinued PS3 game made by Sonic Team. Here's a gameplay trailer that Sega released when they were still pretending like this game was going anywhere:


Based on that video, it seems like it was even more a gravity gun rip off than Silver himself. However, the visual design of what I'm guessing is the titular Phantom reminds me of Dio Brando's stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, called "The World", more commonly referred to as "Za Warudo". Stands are essentially Astral projections that certain people are able to control.


The World has the ability to freeze time, and while that doesn't sound like it would have much in common with Silver's powers, the way Silver uses his powers gives him the opportunity to be similar in new ways. One of Dio's catchphrases is "mudada", which essentially means, "it's no use". I'm sure that anyone who's fought Silver in game remembers him saying "It's no use" every time he catches you, but what did he say in Japanese? Sure enough, Silver says "Mudada"... While doing an attack that freezes the enemy in place! I also realized that he says "Kurae!" when throwing crap at you, the same thing Dio says when throwing knives in the licensed fighting game. What's funny about that is that Dio often throws them while time has been frozen, causing them to hang in the air until he unfreezes time.

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Personally, I'm quite glad that Fifth Phantom Saga was cancelled; I'd pick Sonic '06 over some shitty FPS garbage any day...

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