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Editable Skins, Reward Grids and More Coming to Sonic Forces Mobile!


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As Sonic Forces Mobile gears up for the release of its 100th character, Valiant Tails, the game has been updated to version 4.28.0. With it comes some interesting new changes that introduce more characters, more customization... and more monetization. Let's take a look at the new changes coming to the mobile racer!



As stated above, this update has been added to the game to signal the arrival of the 100th character, Valiant Tails. Additionally, the other characters slated to release now added to the code is the previously announced Burning Blaze, and Idol Shadow!

But that's not all. Leaker Sonic Mobile News has uncovered new characters lurking within the game's files! Pending release is a very stylish Fortune Teller Amy, complete with character art, and Karate Knuckles!

Expect these characters to be added to the event rotation very soon, completionists, and race to win those sweet sweet Special and Challenger cards!


A new element arriving to Sonic Forces Mobile determined to add a bit of personal spice to your favorite characters is the introduction of Chroma variants! According to SEGA Hardlight ambassador SonicWindBlue, Chroma skins are unlockable skins of popular Special class and Challenger class characters that can help you stand apart from the competition!

They provide no competitive advantage, but they'll sure look pretty, yeah?

What do they look like? Well, while SEGA Hardlight has yet to provide an official look at the Chroma skins, Sonic Mobile News managed to unearth the first wave of characters getting Chroma skins! Paladin Amy, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and Warlock Infinite are slated to get splashes of green, purple and blue!

Who do you want to see get the Chroma treatment? I'm a Mephiles main, so somebody better get me one with the Shadow look-alike appearance.



The last major addition to Sonic Forces Mobile is a new system to earn useful items like Gold Rings, Party Match tickets and even Red Star Rings: The Reward Grid.

Every day, you get the chance to flip over three tiles of the grid for free. Behind every tile is some kind of reward, or chest. However, the grid resets every day. So how do you open the rest of the grid?

Well, you earn 2 extra flips for watching ads. This is a means to continually watch ads each day to rake up more rewards.

For those who got time to burn, this is a viable enough method to earn a steady flow of daily rewards. Will this be a feature you are interested in, or are you worried this is a sign of things to come?


There you have it! There's your look at the pretty substantial changes coming to Sonic Forces Mobile? Excited about the new characters? Raring to get your hands on those Chroma skins? Or do you got the tapping reaction time ready to nail those ad skips without going to the Play Store?

Whatever it is, these additions are a sign SEGA and Hardlight aren't done with the world of Sonic Forces yet.

Sonic News Tips Credit:
Slashy, Ellipsis-Ultima
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Wow! Editable skins? That's very cool!

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Its impressive how Hardlight manage to mine more features / coin from this game after all these years when the "base" game died a quick death ages ago. You have to hand it to them,fair play. 

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A note on the reward grid. Completing it gives access to another chest, which rewards a few cards, sone more rings and a very solid 50 RSR. 

About 8-10 mins of slogging through ads pulls down some 80 odd RSR. It's far and away the most lucrative way of farming them and if you commit to doing it a couple of days in a row, you'll pocket more then enough to heavily farm whatever event character is in the docket without spending a dime. 

Currently stockpiling for Burning Blaze lol

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