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Any other comic book readers out there!?


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  Hi everyone.  I was wondering if there were any other comic book fans/readers here on the site!?  For books other then just Sonic that is.  If so, what books are you currently reading?  What are you enjoying the most?  And what books are you looking forward to!?


 As for me I'm a huge comic book geek!  Currently I'm really enjoying Dynamite Comics Space Ghost book, DC's House of Brainiac storyline in Action Comics and Superman.  And I'm also really enjoying DC's Green Lantern & Green Lantern: War Journal books!  On the Marvel side of things I'm loving the books in their new Ultimate Marvel line!   And there's a lot of great books from Image comics right now, like Ain't No Grave, The One Hand/The Six Fingers, Geiger, Red Coat, Rook Exodus and the various G.I. Joe books & mini-series and Transformers and Void Rivals.


 As for books I'm looking forward to, I can't wait for the TMNT relaunch from IDW and Jonny Quest from Dynamite.  I'm also excited for the Absolute Power event from DC and the latest X-Men relaunch at Marvel.


 So yeah, that's about it for me.  How about you.  What books are you reading/ looking forward to reading!?

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I'm looking forward to Dynamite's 30th anniversary reprints of the Gargoyle's books. Though I recently picked up an issue of the current run and wasn't very impressed. I hope with complete collections like the reprints I'll be better entertained. 


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