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Is it safe to Dump Switch Files to yuzu?


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I am having trouble with using YUZU.

See, i want to play my Switch games on PC (With Online support, but let's cross that bridge when we get there), but i want to use my save data on my games (Downloaded and physical). Doing some heavy reserch, it seems that the only way to get Save Data is to homebrew your device, and that's where my hesitation comes into play.

I've heard stories where if you play online with an Modded Switch, you can get banned. i do NOT want to get banned, and not only that, but there is some concerns from parents, so there's that too. While homebrew should be harmless, it's concidered modded, and that could get me in trouble. does anyone have some reasurence that this is safe, or should i make like a pirate and Sail the Great Seas of the internet?

Here's my Resources:


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Normally we're pretty lax about emulation discussion here, but as Yuzu and everything Yuzu adjacent is currently on Nintendo's hitlist and SSMB is currently covering stuff from SGF and is therefore also in the news, I'm going to lock this. I will say though that your best bet would honestly be to check Reddit or GBATemp for this stuff.

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