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Sonic Pop-Up Shop Opening in Shinjuku on June 12


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SEGA has announced that it will open a Sonic the Hedgehog pop-up shop at Shinjuku Marui Annex in Tokyo, Japan. The store, which will run from 12-30 June, will have a focus on fandom, with a number of goods on sale featuring original designs made by various illustrators.


Among the limited edition merchandise on offer, attendees will be able to pick up stickers (¥500 each or ¥2,750 for a set), acrylic dioramas featuring original artwork from the illustrators (¥1,650 each), key holders (¥770 each or ¥3,850 for the set), posters, badges, t-shirts (¥4,950), tote bags (¥2,750) and much more. There's even a cool metal poster going for ¥9,900.

2024-popupshop-jp2.jpeg 2024-popupshop-jp3.jpeg

2024-popupshop-jp-art1.jpeg 2024-popupshop-jp-art2.jpeg

2024-popupshop-jp-art3.png 2024-popupshop-jp-art4.png

Images from Sonic Pop-Up Shop Illustrators
(clockwise from top-left: Kurumitsu, Hankuri, Miro Kikuchi, Wamiya)

The five illustrators that were commissioned to help design the official merchandise for this pop-up include くるみつ さん (Kurumitsu), ちゃっぴー さん (Chappy), はんくり さん (Hankuri), わみ屋 さん (Wamiya) and キクチミロ さん (Miro Kikuchi), and their artworks are all really cool!

If you're in Tokyo (or going there for vacation), it's worth checking this place out and seeing what trinkets you can find. All in the name of Sonic!

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I love all of these so much! Adorable and cool!

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Very sad this pop up happens just a few weeks after I leave Japan. I was only a 10 minute walk away

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