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Insanely Rare Sonic Arcade Game Crops Up On Japanese Resale Site


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I saw this article pop up on Time Extension today. I remember reading about this game online back in the day and always wishing I had a chance to play it, but unfortunately there's some control issues in MAME due to how trackballs work (you basically need the original ball in order for the game to play correctly).


It's neat to see it pop up again, I had no clue it was so rare. I wish it could be mine lol, it's basically a holy grail piece.


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Always good to see SEGASonic the Hedgehog in the wild. I love the cabinet imagery!

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Now this is something I'd spend lots of money on, rather than those luxury Sega watches from the other day. That is, if I had any. It's a shame the trackball controls inhibit it from getting any sort of regular rerelease. With all of the home arcade companies and products that have cropped up in recent years in the wake of Arcade1up, I wish someone would approach Sega, or vice versa, to make a replica of this, or have it included in a lineup of games on a cabinet. I mean, heck, Sega has already partnered up with Arcade1up on a couple occasions. Just do it. Make a Sonic cab!

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I remember playing SegaSonic at SegaWorld in London back in the day when that indoor theme park still existed. Trackball and all. Soooo good.

Wish I could go back and tell my younger self of the privilege considering how rare this game is to play these days. 

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