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Sonic Speed Simulator: Diamond Heist Event Guide


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Another week is upon us, and with it, it's time for a brand new event guide. This week brings us the return of a old zone - and a original zone at that. Our event this week will bring us to a high-stakes heist inside the Diamond Terminal. 


The story of this event is pretty simple - Rouge the Bat, treasure hunter extraordinaire wants to perform a heist within the Diamond Terminal, and if you want to get cut in, and earn your share of the loot, you're going to need to prove yourself to her. Throughout this event, we'll net two characters - Rouge the Bat, and a exclusive Chrome Metal Sonic variant, a good boost to your character mastery levels if you require it.


So let's jump right into it! Throughout this guide, you'll find the best and easiest ways to run through these missions and get the prizes. First things first, I can confirm Chocola and other event chao do work for these events, so if you haven't already - go and unlock Chocola from the Chao School event, and then gear up for this.

Task 1: Earn 450,000 Rail Grind Points - REWARD: 5x Bat Trails

In spite of the banner claiming you'll earn Rouge from this task, this is simply a glitch where they somehow managed to switch Rouge and the Bat Trails' placement in the banner image. So we'll be earning the trails this go around. It's also worth noting all of these missions only count within the Diamond Terminal. It also doesn't help that this is a pretty high number of rail grind points. Luckily, there's a perfect spot to make this a cinch.


From the initial spawn point, if you look upwards, you'll see a large red rail going in a perfect circle. Out of the numerous rails in this world, this is the perfect spot to get this done. So how do we get up there? Pretty simple.



Run down any of the hallways and find a rail that's moving upwards - grinding up these rails will get you to the second level, where running back to the centre will then get you to the looped rail. Jump on and leave it doing what it's doing for five minutes. When you come back, it'll be done, and you'll have the trails.

Task 2: Finish Time Trials - REWARD: 5x Chrome Blur Trail

For the next mission in this event, unfortunately there's no real trick to get through it. Upon you jumping into the world, you'll see the time trials directly next to Rouge. 


Luckily, any time trial counts for this, as long as it's done in this world - and unlike most time trials, the first time trial here is actually extremely fast to get done - being easily finished within 30 seconds. So rather than doing all three of the time trials, simply repeat the first one three times over and you'll have this done in less than 3 minutes.


With the task done, you'll have the matching blur trail for Chrome Metal Sonic, and we're ready to move into the next task, and the next reward.

Task 3: Collect 10,000 Uncut Gems - REWARD: 5x Jewel Pearl Chao

As to be expected with Rouge, simply proving yourself to Rouge isn't enough to get her to cut you into the job - she wants some personal gain out of it as well, and as such, she gives you a wish list, telling you to track down as many uncut gems around the vault as you can. For this task, you need a whopping 10,000 gems, and there's no autorun here either. So ensure Chocola is here, and even some Red Hero Chao if you have some in your inventory. 


Luckily, gems are scattered practically everywhere, and on top of that, they're even present on the map when you first get here, meaning there's a good chance you'll already have at least 25% of the collection done by the time you need to focus down on this task. So keep running around, collecting the gems as you go. There's no real determined path as again, they're practically everywhere and respawn fast to boot, so just keep going until you've got the full ten thousand.


When it's done, you'll then get a small dialogue box from Rouge, confirming your completion, and your next task...

Task 4: Find 30 Purified Pearls - REWARD: Classic Type-W Hoverboard

For the next task, you're still on the duty of collecting gems scattered throughout the map - and unless I'm mistaken, they seem to only spawn once this task is unlocked. Unlike the gems from the previous task, the pearls are only dotted around the map, meaning you'll need to work to more actively seek them out, much like the Shadow tablets from Lost Valley. Luckily, there's a glow to the pearls and they very much stand out compared to the surroundings of Diamond Terminal. This is what they look like:


Normally, I would try to provide a location guide, but between how many of the pearls are present in the map, and how easy it is to spot them compared to the slabs in Lost Valley, I think it's fairly easy enough to search around. Just be sure to go to all three floors of the world, plus the underwater portion that you can find in the purple section of the world. Some common spots you can find them in is on top of crates, and next to computer consoles, as well as rails. One particular well hidden spot is a portion in the purple room - you need to go to the top of the tower on the third floor, and find a opening between one of the towers.


Once all that's done, the final objective will spawn in, and thankfully, it's even more obvious compared to the pearls.

Task 5: Hit 30 Switches - REWARD: Rouge the Bat - Legendary Character

Our final task is simple - the iconic white switches from various Sonic games will spawn into the map upon completing all of the pearls - in fact, you'll be well aware of this fact because one spawns literally right next to Rouge.


All you gotta do is jump onto the switches, which will activate them. Given that they're big circles scattered around the area, they're pretty easy to find all things considered - a thankfully simple end objective to finish out the event.

Several of the switches will also be found in places already checked for pearls, so be sure to check everywhere again so you don't miss them. 

A few of the switches can be hidden behind pillars and other pieces of stage assets, so always make sure in bigger rooms to do a few loops around to make sure you haven't missed one. You should also check the underwater pool, as well as the tower from the previous task as switches spawn there too. Make sure to have a robotic character on hand as well so you don't need to worry about oxygen when underwater.


One particularly sneaky (and annoying one) is on the third floor of the purple room - where if you look out to a opening, you'll see pipes stretching out with gems on them - and at the very end, you'll see a switch taunting you to keep balanced on the pipe to get to it.


If you're missing a switch, there's also a pretty good chance it's this devious one hidden atop a wall - to get to it, head to the third floor of the purple area, and you'll see a rail that's swooping down - go down this, and make sure to boost and jump off to get just enough momentum to hit the switch. Alternatively, use Neo Metal's flight to make it easier to hit. With that, you should be all done: 


BONUS: A Secret Room

While serving no practical purpose, and not even housing anything (for now at least, but given previous zones, it's likely a secret chao could be added here in the future). There's a secret room present in the zone, and I'll show you where it is, thanks to @Haalyle's help!


From the spawn point - head down the purple hallway, and do not go further than it. Stop as soon as you hit the entrance to the big room. 


To your immediate left, you'll see a gap in the rail that lets you fall straight into the pool of water in this room. That's exactly what you're going to do, so simply fall into the water via that gap. Make sure to use a robotic character so oxygen isn't a factor.


From this fall point, turn immediately left and you'll see a large corner wall between two pillars. At least, that's what it looks like. Because this wall in not solid. If you run right at it, you'll go through it.



As you can see, you'll find yourself in a secret underwater cavern with a large hallway. Run to the end, and what'll you find?


Well, nothing of immense note here, but you'll find a hidden Sonic statue, along with a Eggman machine in the corner. It doesn't do anything, but hey, it's a neat secret, nonetheless.


Now that all of the tasks is finished, if you'll go into your character menu, you shall now see two brand new entries to it. 



Rouge the Bat, who is a legendary tier character, and usually not one to do many reruns, with Prime Rouge only being regularly available for purchase in New Yoke City.


On the other hand, your second reward will be a Epic variant of Metal Sonic, entitled Chrome Metal Sonic. For what reason he was randomly inside this vault that Rouge decided to loot? Who knows. But you got him anyways!

On top of that, you'll earn a nice 2,000 RSRs for having finished the event as well, and some nice extreme gear and trails. 


Given Diamond Terminal's history of being pretty limited, only time will tell if it'll stick around this time and join the zone line up (although if it does, you can be damn certain the mastery level it'll require will be damn high, so this is your chance to do it's tasks before mastery becomes a issue). Either way, with this guide, it should be a cinch to clean out the terminal of all it's jewels, and snag yourself two new additions to your collection long before it could potentially go away.

So once again, thank you for joining me for another event guide! See you next week where hopefully we might find Shadow's iconic motorcycle!

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Well, I can't wait to complete the tasks! Chrome Metal looks amazing, and I certainly and desperatly need to get my Character Mastery up!

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I've always been a bit upset by Chrome Metal Sonic!!...
When you play as it, he is just a grey (chrome) version of Metal Sonic, but on some artworks, its body and sometimes even its head are different :


So are these images official images and if yes, why is it just a recolored version on Metal Sonic in-game?!...

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2 hours ago, Vlad the Vampire said:

I've always been a bit upset by Chrome Metal Sonic!!...
When you play as it, he is just a grey (chrome) version of Metal Sonic, but on some artworks, its body and sometimes even its head are different :


So are these images official images and if yes, why is it just a recolored version on Metal Sonic in-game?!...

Pretty sure the left is just a fan made speculation of what people thought Metal would look like in the Sonic movie universe, as you can see from the torso looking like Eggman’s robots from the first movie.

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Great guide! I'm just passing by to say that there are 3 new music notes in Diamond Terminal! So if you want all 3, get them now before the world vanishes and be sure to finish the event since one of them (and the best out of the 3) is locked behind completing the event.

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4 hours ago, gogs said:

Great guide! I'm just passing by to say that there are 3 new music notes in Diamond Terminal! So if you want all 3, get them now before the world vanishes and be sure to finish the event since one of them (and the best out of the 3) is locked behind completing the event.

Got a guide up for the music notes and everything:


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Dang, I thought you could get 5 skins, due to you being able to trade in the game(kind of a bad idea TBH), but oh well lol. Already got the characters back in the first SSS(1.0)

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