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Diamond Terminal Details Revealed In Sonic Speed Simulator Test Servers


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Yesterday, Gamefam revealed the return of the long lost zone Diamond Terminal to Sonic Speed Simulator. However, aside from the zone, no word was given as to what exactly you'll be hunting for this time around. Today, though, @Ryannumber1gamer and I can officially confirm via the Test Servers what awaits us beyond those laser gates, and more!

To the thief goes the spoils!

So, who's the event character today? Why, it's a two for one deal! You can earn Rouge the Bat by completing just the very last task! And then, you also earn the Speed Simulator Exclusive Chrome Metal Sonic! Talk about a shiny catch!

Yes, I know. The image shows Rouge as the first reward. But it's 5 Bat trails. The images are swapped around. Whoopsies!

What good is gold if you can't spend it?

For the Robux shop updates, hope you like Fakers!

Fake Metal Sonic, Tails, Knuckles have returned! If you want to take the relive the glory days of Sonic Heroes multiplayer, the full set is here! They pose at the podiums alongside Ninja Espio, Gold Style Vector and a Classic Bundle of Tails, Knuckles and Amy!

For those in dire need of a mount, the Tornado is back too!

Mission complete.

That's a wrap! Yes, it's a small update but a worthwhile one for new players looking to play catchup. Reruns don't happen often, after all! You ready to suit up, and be a spy?

Check back on the Sonic Stadium homepage soon for an update including an in-depth guide to complete this event!

The Diamond Terminal update arrives Saturday June 1st at 12pm EST.

Sonic Speed Simulator is playable through Roblox on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.



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This is pretty cool and all, but WHERE IS THE DARK RIDER?

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