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Diamond Terminal Returns in This Weekend's Speed Simulator Update!


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The zones just keep on coming! This week in Sonic Speed Simulator, a zone from the game's past returns as developer Gamefam tweeted an cryptic image that OG fans of the game might recognize...



Shoot, I think I'm lost, maybe I should look at a map? Hmm.. where am I?

The switches, the emerald in the middle, the many branching pathways, there is only one zone that best describes this: It's Diamond Terminal!


Before Sonic Speed Simulator was rebooted into its current Reborn state, the original version of the game had a unique boxed-in zone where you could unlock Rouge and partake in an Emerald heist. With the game's reset, Diamond Terminal vanished... For the most part.

It has returned recently in the advent of a Roblox-wide event called The Hunt, but when that event ended, Diamond Terminal was put back into the vault.

Looks like this weekend though, Diamond Terminal is about to become permanent! While no rewards were specified with this formal announcement, a recent datamine by SSSNewsAndLeaks revealed one of them could be Shadow's motorbike: The Dark Rider as a potential mount.

But only time will tell when Test Servers open on Friday. Are you ready for a new kind of hunt?

The Diamond Terminal update arrives Saturday June 1st at 12pm EST.

Sonic Speed Simulator is playable through Roblox on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.

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Oooh... Seems interesting!

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Yeah... I'd might start playing that game more. 

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Posted (edited)

E102 Gamma’s brother room!

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I'm looking forward to it, as someone that didn't play SSS before the Reborn experience.

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Just when I thought i could take a break and play it casually, they drag me back in.

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