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Burning Blaze Coming to Sonic Dash, Sonic Forces Mobile


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Earlier today the Sonic Twitter account confirmed that Blaze the Cat's super form, Burning Blaze, will be coming to Sonic's mobile games. Both Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces Mobile will get the character, who will presumably also eventually come to Sonic Dash+ and Sonic Prime Dash. Nothing else is currently known about the character, though we do have this sick piece of art, which will presumably be used for the character's event.


With Valiant Tails set to join Sonic Forces Mobile as its 100th character on June 10, Burning Blaze will presumably arrive at some point after that.

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SHE LOOKS SO COOL! What a beautiful art!

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 Blaze is one of my favs, and while I don’t play the mobile games too much, I’ll definitely be paying Dash a visit during her event

I love the stain glass window art!

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Just got my 13th Special Character to MAX level and it's Mummy Knuckles!!...
He's very efficient : not very quick without his special moves but very quick when activated!!...
And I love his design!!...
All my characters from the "Halloween Dimension" are at MAX level now : Vampire Shadow, Witch Rouge, Reaper Metal Sonic and Mummy Knuckles!!...

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Now I want every character to have KH style stained glass art.

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I think Blaze is the last Super Form from the modern era to make the cut (Ix and the new ones from Frontiers aside). Huge win to get her on board.


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