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In honor of the Year of Shadow, let's take a look back at our favorite Shadow moments over the years!

What's your #1 Shadow moment?


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  • The title was changed to Sonic Socials: Top 10 Shadow Moments (in the Games)
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Oh, no! I made a topic just like this! (Stupid internet router.):absolutely:

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Pretty good list. A bit shallow descriptions, but hey, 6 minutes.

I do feel the #10 spot was chosen just to introduce newcomers to Shadow's backstory at the start of the video. And I would put #9 (Sonic Shadow final fight in SA2) way higher, even if it's a half-Shadow, half-Sonic moment.

And of course, no love for Sonic Battle just because it's a hand-held console spin-off game. I feel like the story about Shadow fearing status as a weapon and questionable morality making a threat to the world, only to discover both he and Emerl have souls based on Maria and thus moral compass, deserves at least special mention. Maybe Murder of Sonic as well. Not every great moment must be big and epic.

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