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(I was inspired by this: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/sonic-and-the-gunslinger.5760/)

So, Rumors have it that A 3rd Storybook Game was in development, but sadly, we never got the magical 3rd game, but I think we should think of what could've been!

How would you make a third Installment? Who would appear in the cast? What genre would it be based on? Share your thoughts! 

For me, I think we should have one based on a Sci-Fi! aliens, UFOs, and Space-Themed levels would be a DREAM to run through. Tails would be a GREAT centerpiece of this, as he is affiliated with tech, or, better yet, what if he came into the world with Sonic?

EDIT: I think there should be a Critrea for this one, a lil spice for this challenge:

  1. There should ba a new form: Just as BK and SR had Exaliber and Darkspine sonic respectfully, this one has to as well, to round everything out. Mine would probably have to do with the Sun, or the planets to make a solar system Form of sonic.
  2. What is the Gimmick? Let's say for my Sci-Fi, you had a Gun that doubled as a Up-Close Laser Sword! the Game would have moments where you had to fight Up-Close, but others you have to shoot down Aircrafts and such
  3. What is the goal? what are we searching for? For my Idea, maybe something similar to the Prism Shards, where that is what makes up every planet, and at the end, you gotta run outta there!
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AW YEAH I LOVE SCI FI!  But I feel a pirate one, Sonic and the Seven seas, would fit. Sonic has to help a pirate gang collect the chaos emeralds before the antagonists do to save the seas from being taken over! That means, aside from the prime characters, we also get Pirate Blaze, Pirate Shadow, probably even pirate Cream! Sonic gets a special Dagger, which powers up with the Chaos emeralds, which is the "treasure" for the main crew of pirates. Sonic gets a special water form, which helps him get ease with the water, and fight enemies.

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I think a game based on Greek myths would be amazing! I once saw an old art on Evan Stanley's blog, 'Sonic and Pandora's Box' or something, and that's been stuck in my head for a long time! 


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Imagine- Sonic as a Obi-Wan (Which is very much unlike his character) ... and Shadow as Anakin, lol


Legit though, I think it would be cool to get one based on some kind of futuristic setting... and not like Silver's time, because everything was ruined, but rather a time with serious technological advancement 

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