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I actually like the Fleetway Sonic The Comics more than Archie Sonic Comics

Sonic the blue rat

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Don't get me wrong, the Archie comics were not bad but but the reason I prefer Fleetway comics is that unlike the pre genesis wave there were No complicated edgy teenage romances, no overboardness with Echidnas, no edgy plots revolving Sally Acorn, not being only based on Sonic Satam it has a good twisted Sonic (Super Sonic, archie has Scourge) and it is more Sonic (a blue rat vs an egg) than archie (a blue rat and a squirrel getting together) and yeah I Know the archie does get a lot better in the post genesis wave but I Would still pick the Fleetway Comics Over The Archie Comics


So what do the rest of you think? Do you prefer the the Fleetway comics, Or the IDW comics, or the Archie comics? Feel free to express yourselves on this topic and why.

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I already said my opinion few years ago and I mostly stand by it.

Fleetway definitely never did anything Endgame stupid. It targeted younger audience and had 5-7 pages per story, which forced simpler narrative, which was in some way it's strength. No melodrama, no politics, just Sonic fighting Eggman or new baddie of the week. Plus it was written by basically 2 people so it was far more consistent, better planned.
Plus Richard Elson is fantastic artist who drew almost every big story. If you like Sonic in semi-realistic highly detailed look, to this day Elson has no competition.

With that said, small stories are empty. Forgettable. You read those 7 pages in 2 minutes and forget about them 2 minutes later. Simplicity means no story arcs, no downtime to explore characters.
I love Brotherhood of Metallix, Launch of Death Egg or Dakon Empire, the big epic stories.
I couldn't give a damn about Dr Genius, Chiller or DRAT stories.
Also humor was just baaad. I'm sorry Lew Stringer, but Archie's early day puns and 4th-wall-breaks were better than your parody-style of humor.

Overall I think I like Fleetway more then Pre-Flynn Archie. But there is no comparison with Flynn writing. Fleetway Super Sonic might be more interesting concept than Scourge, but the latter had so much more personality than "buhaha, kill, kill kill".

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Firstly, welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to lock the topic as while it’s a valid discussion, the wording of the initial post can be seen as fairly instigating to fans of Archie Sonic. While you’re free to discuss Archie VS Fleetway and your personal take on it, we’d request that the opening post be a bit more respectful, because as is, it’s inviting arguments to break out over which is better and taking shots at each comic’s retrospective problems, while we would want such a matter to be a more civil and respectful discussion. 

You’re free to create the topic with a new opening post, as again, this is a totally valid discussion, we just ask that the opening post be written a bit more respectfully. Do discuss your point of view, just do so better worded (IE, There’s no need to overgeneralise that the comic was all edgy romances, or that it was solely based on being a blue rat and a squirrel). In this instance, a better way to put it while inviting discussion would be saying something like “I prefer Fleetway for being more adventure/action driven, while I found that Archie focuses too much on original characters, drama, and romance for a long period of time”.

Again, feel free to make a new topic with a revised opening post (albeit this kind of discussion should be in the Sonic Chat subforum, rather than the general discussion, as this is specifically for non-Sonic discussions), and things should be free for discussion again there.

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