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Azzymint's Play-Throughs


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(What do y'all think about the name? If I should change it, lemme know)

Welcome to my Topic on my Play-throughs! Here, I will be recording any game I have on my PC, and posting it here so I can have a taste on being a Content creator for YT. I'll put down a list of all the games I have in my steam library;


The Indie Titles are:

  1. Among Us
  2. Bug Fables
  3. The Henry Stickmin Collection
  4. Pizza Tower
  5. Cubic Castles
  6. Rivals Of Aether
  7. Friday Night Funkin'
  8. Stumble Guys

The Sonic Titles Are:

  1. The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Sonic Adventrue DX
  3. Sonic Adventrue 2 Battle
  4. Sonic Forces
  5. Sonic Generations
  6. Sonic Lost World
  7. Sonic Superstars

And Lastly, the Fan-games:

  1. Boll Deluxe
  2. Sonic Time Twisted
  3. Sonic.EXE: The Disaster 2D Remake
  4. Sonic Robo Blast 2
  5. Sonic And the Fallen Star
  6. Sonic 3 A.I.R.

and if you guys want to see that game played, let me know in the "Comments".  Now, for the opening question (Because idk about this name), what Should my username be? I know, I keep asking, teatious, but I REALLY want to know, and this is the last time I'll ask, I promise. you can choose Here. Next time I post will be probably soon. alright, ciao!

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I would really like to see a playthrough of Superstars! My favorite game!

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Ohhh I think you should play The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog!!! My favourite game:)

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Finally, after a REALLY long while, i now have the time to showcase a mod for a game called Boll Deluxe!

Here is info on the game below:


Boll Deluxe is a crossover fan game with Mario and Sonic, in which you progress through Mario-styled levels as various Mario or Sonic characters (plus a couple of guests).

This game includes:

-12 playable characters: Sonic, Super Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mecha Sonic, Ashura, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Somari, The Kid, and Giana

-Multiplayer battle mode (featuring kneecapped FPS thanks to Gamemaker 8)

-32 remixed levels

-Special Stages

-Easy modding with skins, a level editor, and a character mod loader

This game is still a beta, so expect a few issues here and there.

Download Here! I recommend it.

Generally, there are many mods for this Fangame, that being from Parts for it's level editor, to full-on playable characters! i decided to start small with my modding, and that's where i decided to make Music Packs! in short, Music Packs change the Music of all kinds of areas. Self-Explanatory, huh? I've recorded a walkthrough, although on my behalf, the game was VERY slow, as the frame rate dropped plenty of times. currently, ive made 2, with 1 more in the works, and 11 more on the way! Enjoy the Video!

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