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Community Charity Drive 'Raising Rings' Launches With £10,000 Goal for Special Effect


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A new community event has launched that aims to raise money in support for the gaming accessibility charity, Special Effect. 'Raising Rings' will be a four-day showcase of Sonic the Hedgehog game streams that will run from May 2 - May 5th, with a fundraising goal of £10,000 for the cause.


The event is being spearheaded by Sonic YouTube content creator Sam Procrastinates. Sam describes the charity drive as an "open invitation for anyone to stream Sonic games" between the May 2-5 period. "No major rules, just play any Sonic game on stream." Participants will be asked to share a unified Tiltify link where all donations to the charity will be made.

Special Effect is a well-known charity within the UK gaming industry, with an inspiring mission statement to work on making video games more accessible for all, with a focus on developing access technology for those with physical disabilities. You can learn more about Special Effect on its official website here.

While anyone can join in and take part, there will be a set schedule where a number of select streamers will broadcast charity shows in support of the event. More details on scheduling will be available over the coming days.

It sounds like a fantastic event for a lovely cause, and if you want to take part or are interested you can learn more on the Tiltify campaign page, here.

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Wow, that's actually wonderful!

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