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What stage gimmicks would you like to see/are your favorite in Sonic games?

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They could be anything. For this topic, you can come up with stage gimmicks for any kind of level in a Sonic game, or you can state your favorite stage gimmick from any stage or any Sonic game. You can also come up with ideas for or state your favorite in-stage gimmicks that appear in all stages of a Sonic game rather than a specific one, like springs and dash hoops. So, what new stage gimmicks would you like to see in any level of a Sonic game and which one is your favorite?

I'll start off.

Grass Levels: I would like to see trees that bend when the heroes run into them and end up launching them in a direction.

Lava Levels: A giant rock that falls into the lava when Sonic nears it and causes massive lava waves.

Water: A divider that divides water gushers, causing them to split and be used to go in different directions.

My favorite stage gimmicks: The Sphere on a chain that redirects Sonic in Sonic 3 and Knuckles' Flying Battery, and the anti-gravity sections in Egg Fortress Zone in Sonic Superstars.

So, how about you all?

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