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Sonic Speed Simulator - Glitch Hunt Event & Classic Racesuit Characters in Raceshop


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Pixel Knuckles & Pixel Amy have been added to the game as well as Racesuit Classic Knuckles & Racesuit Classic Amy

Glitch Hunt Event Tasks


For this Event, players have to race around Cyber Station and close up all of the new "Glitches" that appear throughout the World.

  1. Event Task #1: Close 15 Glitches ->20 Minute Magnet Power-Up
  2. Event Task #2: Close 30 Glitches -> 5 Purple Hero Chao
  3. Event Task #3: Close 125 Glitches -> 5 White Pixel Crush Trails
  4. Event Task #4: Close 250 Glitches -> Pixel Amy
  5. Event Task #5: Close 500 Glitches -> Pixel Knuckles & 1,000 Red Star Rings
  6. Extra Quest: Close 750 Glitches -> Matrix Hoverboard Mount

Event Task Notes:


The Matrix Breaker Hoverboard Podium is to the left of the World Hub

Glitch Hunt Trivia

  • Glitches don't normally appear in the original Cyber Station Zone. I have to check and see if they appear in any past digital zones...
  • The Pixel Forms debuted in Sonic Superstars and occurs when our heroes run through certain gates in the Cyber Station Zone.
  • Like Pixel Sonic & Pixel Tails, Pixel Knuckles & Pixel Amy will turn into their Pixel forms while in Cyber Station but will turn back to normal in any other World.

Raceshop Inventory (March 2nd, 2024)

This month, we have 4 Racesuit Variants for Classic Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.


Current Raceshop Menu

  • Racesuit Classic Knuckles: 2,500 Race Tickets
  • Racesuit Classic Amy: 1,500 Race Tickets
  • Racesuit Classic Sonic: 1,250 Race Tickets
  • Racesuit Classic Tails: 1,250 Race Tickets
  • Classic Amy Chao: 300 Race Tickets
  • Pink Racer Chao: 100 Race Tickets
  • Prototype Tornado: 900 Race Tickets
  • Toy Robot Knuckles: 500 Race Tickets
  • Toy Robot Amy: 500 Race Tickets
  • Classic Amy Blur Trail: 250 Race Tickets
  • Classic Knuckles Blur Trail: 500 Race Tickets

Raceshop Trivia & Notes

  • Racesuit Classic Knuckles' outfit is mostly black while Racesuit Modern Knuckles' outfit is mostly green.
  • Racesuit Classic Knuckles' jacket has a 94 on it to reference the year 1994, when Sonic 3 was released.
  • Racesuit Classic Amy's outfit is mostly light pink while Racesuit Modern Amy's outfit is mostly red.
  • Racesuit Classic Amy's outfit reminds me of Space Channel 5. 
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