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Sonic Crash Course To Recieve Updated Rulebook in Late 2024 Printing

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Sonic Crash Course, IDW's classic Sonic themed tabletop racing game, will be getting an update to its rulebook late this year.

Talking with Sean McDonald, the game's designer, he has wanted to incorporate a number of revisions and clarifications to the game for quite a while, and was able to have the updated instructions approved in December for future prints of the game. Though nothing in the revisions will dramatically change the game, they will make the overall experience a bit smoother and re-tuned.

Perhaps the most significant change will be to Tails' character ability. In the original edition, Tails would gain Flicky tokens (a resource needed to approach the game's finish line) by using springs to jump over 3, 5, or 7 obstacles on consecutive tiles. McDonald notes that this ability was originally balanced around playing with more than four players, and the revisions should make the ability more achievable.

Crash Course remains one of the most evergreen Sonic tabletop games, seeing reprints far beyond other Sonic games that launched at the time, including IDW's Sonic Dice Rush and S7 Games' Sonic Battle Racers.

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This looks like fun! I've never heard of it.

I'll have to check this out

I just ordered one 😅

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I have no impulse control 😅🤦

But it arrived!!


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