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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble has been announced

Shiny Gems

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This was shown in the Nintendo Direct Partners Showcase. This is a trailer that was released by Sega not too long ago. It is nice to see another Super Monkey Ball game to be had. It looks nice, too.

So, what do you all think of this?

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I'm not one to just mindlessly hate redesigns and shit but like


Genuinely why do they look like this what is the purpose?

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I'm... not really against the new designs but I can't say that I'm a fan of them either. Can't really put my finger on it. While these designs seem expressive and still keep to the character's main design features... they just seem off to me.

Anyways, new features like bringing over the spin dash from Sonic seem interesting af. Online multiplayer is also a big plus. Tho, I do wish this wasn't a Switch exclusive. Would've been great to see this as a multiplatform release with cross-play to expand that online population. Hopefully it'll come to pc or something at some point.

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More Monkey Ball is always good in my book ^^

I think some of the new designs are cute. Will have to look at them properly later.

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I'm a fan of the new additions, mostly the redesigns and the new environments, maybe not the new moves like the spin dash, I already wasn't a fan of the jump.

And I'm always excited about the SEGA crossovers and we have 6 SEGA characters as DLC, last time we got 4 in the base game though... My strategy is to get the game when it's cheaper in retail and then get the DLC pack.

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So now monkeys can Spin Dash!!...

Well, I'm a big big fan of the SUPER MONKEY BALL SERIES butI have to admit that I don't like at all the new character design : my favourite design was the previous one (starting with BANANA BLITZ) because AiAi and the rest of the gang were so cute with their brow eyes!!...
Moreover, I really dislike the "real" fur they added : horrible!!...
The clothes are OK, even if I prefer AiAi with no trousers but his nice T-shirt and blue bag!!...
The new female monkey is not bad... not as fun as MeeMee and YanYan but OK!!...

The game seems good, as usual, but I'm so disappointed it will not be available on X-box!!...
And I really hope there will be a real Story Mode like in SMB2 (way better than in the lattest compilation BANANA MANIA)!!...

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5 hours ago, mayday2592 said:

Is that female supposed to be MeeMee?

The orange monkey wearing yellow is new. MeeMee is still present with her lighter brown fur, pink clothing and flower. 

Anyway, more Monkey Ball is always good. But those design... Oof. No. 

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She's called Palette...
And I saw a picture of Dr Bad-Boon with a cybernetic eye... will he be in the storyline?!...

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  • 1 month later...

This is the Adventure trailer :


I love when SMB have real Story Modes like in SMB2!!...
Well, doesn't the trailer remind you of anything?!...

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