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Jakks Pacific's Collectors' Edition Classic Knuckles Shadowdropped!


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Jakk's is on a role with these surprise announcements, aren't they?

Coming straight from an Amazon listing, Jakks' has announced AND released their newest addition to their Collector's Edition range: It's Classic Knuckles!


This figure is the latest in a line of posable 6 inch figures technically started by Tomy with their Collector's Edition Classic Sonic.


The figure's many points of articulation, interchangable faces, accessories and Green Hill display base served as a point of reference for Jakks' Pacific when they became the master toy partner for Sonic as they released their own iteration of the Classic Sonic Collector's figure.


Since then, all Jakks' Pacific figures follow a specific formula. A figure with interchangable faces, hands, an accessory, and a lenticular base featuring a famous Sonic zone. Like Classic Sonic in Studiopolis...


Modern Sonic and a Cyan Wisp in Tropical Resort...


And most recently, this amazing Modern Tails in Green Hill!

But now, just in time for Knuckles' 30th birthday, Classic Knuckles has joined the line with Mushroom Hill as the base, and a cracked rock as his accessory! Smashing!


Combine this with the other upcoming Knuckles' figures in the Jakks' line, like 4 inch Classic Knuckles, the 2.5 Pink Knuckles and the 5 inch Renegade Knuckles, maybe our favorite Echidna DOES have something to celebrate in the midst of all this Shadow news...

How many Collector's figures do you have? And are you planning to add Knuckles to your repertoire? Or do you think they should have done Modern Knuckles instead?

Screenshot 2024-02-10 221525.png

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  • The title was changed to Jakks Pacific's Collectors' Edition Classic Knuckles Shadowdropped!

So glad they gave him the chuckling face! Definitely going to keep a look out for him.

Hoping an Eggman isn't too far off! (classic or modern, but I'd prefer both lol)

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Wow.this looks great.

Have the others been releasedin the uk? Tomy one aside, I've not seen any. Need to get this Knuckles!

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