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Apologies if I'm posting a new thread and missing one that already existed, but I have a query regarding the profile items that have been gifted via the 52 Game Challenge, because I can't find them on my profile and I can't see them in my Shop Items either, if that's where they're supposed to be found after being redeemed.

I've attached a screenshot if it helps, though it could also be just as likely that I'm not looking in the right place!


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You'll find redeemed profile gifts in two spots - either A. Under your name and avi when you make a post, or B. You can go to your profile, and click 'Profile Gifts' on the far right next to your About Me, Blogs, Images, etc.

In your case, this link should bring you to them:


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Ah, I see now!

It threw me off a bit once I'd redeemed them as it took me to the Shop Items and I was like "but there's nothing there?"

Thank you very much - it was just me not looking in the right place then 😆

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