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Army Builders Rejoice! Jakks' Pacific Reveals Wave 4 of Sonic Prime Figures!


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Spotted in an Amazon listing by Sonic Merch News, the fourth wave of Sonic Prime figures are taking us to The Grim, and beyond!

The fourth box set for the 2.5 inch Sonic Prime line has been revealed! With New Yoke, Boscage Maze and No Place released, the only logical Shatterspace to land next is the grey void, for a fox with a grey heart... It's The Grim! 


This multipack is probably the most bizarre of all. Not only does it contain two shards for the Paradox Prism instead of one, but the three figures included aren't that of individual characters, but rather generic Troopers of Nine's army: Sonic Trooper (not to be confused with Alpha Grim Sonic), Rouge Trooper and Knuckles Trooper!

This marks a pretty unique occasion in the realm of Sonic toy collecting often not touched on by SEGA: The concept of army building and "battle packs".



The idea of army building is a niche, but overall profitable concept of releasing figures of generic characters for the sole purpose of having collectors buy multiple of them. All to create displays featuring a large army of a particular faction. Brands like LEGO lean into this by creating Battle Packs, affordable box sets designed with army builders in mind to collect characters in bulk.

The Sonic brand often doesn't lean into army building for its merchandise, aside from the odd Badnik figure release here and there, something a lot more prominent these days with the 2.5 inch mainline Jakks line. Reason being is... well, Sonic isn't known for fighting off generic faceless armies en masse. He just pops one Badnik at a time, usually a variety of them.

All of that changed with Sonic Prime, with its season finale ending with a massive fight with just that, a faceless army of robotic doppelgangers. Now, you too can recreate the episodes upon episodes upon episodes of endless robot fights as Jakks provides a convenient way to buy Grim Troopers in bulk to bolster 2.5 inch Nine's ensemble of "friends".

For those who like their mooks a little larger, we also have an update on Wave 4 of their Prime 5 inch line! The reports prior... didn't exactly tell the full story.


Everyone's favorite red character played by Vincent Tong not named Kai is here, it's Renegade Knux coming to 5 inch scale at long last!


We also have... Sonic Trooper? Yeah, that's right. NOT Alpha Grim Sonic like the Target listings suggested. Rather, it's the copper grunt of Nine's army rather than the bulky, red hedgehog shaped enforcer. With him being in the 5 inch scale, this makes Sonic Trooper the second larger Jakks' figure that exists to assist army builders, only preceded by the Eggrobo figure.


On the back of Sonic Trooper's box is the two remaining figures of the wave. Batten Rouge, as previously reported, thankfully. But instead of No Place Sonic, it's a rerelease of New Yoke Sonic?

Jakks is doing reprints already when there's more Sonics to release?

What does this mean? Are future releases going to get smaller and smaller in terms of new characters as reprints are starting to get sprinkled across waves?

We're truly in uncharted waters now, Sonic collectors. Best you find your nearest Grim Trooper to hug. Or two. Or three. Or however many you plan to buy in bulk.

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These looks superb in all fairness, jakks have done a great job here with these

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As usual, I'm very disappointed by the fact SONIC PRIME figures are 5" instead of 4"... But I'll buy them!!...
And I'm ready to build my army, even if I would have love to have (Alpha) Grim Sonic too!!...

I really really hope JAKKS Pacific wil lremade its SONIC FIGURES as 4" figures...

By the way, Renegade Knux is beautiful!!...

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Yes! Renegade Knux is here! Thats a pick up for sure. And the battle packs'll be fun to have too. Keep up the good work Jakks!

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I assume the Grim Troopers come with the bonus feature that you can break them and recieve a new set indefinitely.

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The figures look very good, I hope they arrive in my region soon and I can buy them all for my collection ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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