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SEGA and Igloo Launch New 'Shimbun' Themed Sonic Cooler Products


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SEGA and Igloo have announced a continuation of its partnership with the reveal of a new line of cooler products that feature a stylish Japanese 'shimbun' inspired artwork.


The three products are available to purchase right now from Igloo's website, and joins the Green Hill Zone-themed red 'Playmate' cooler box that was originally announced back in June - a compact cooler bag, a 16oz can and a blue and white coloured Playmate cooler box. Here are some details about the products:


The "Sonic the Hedgehog Shimbun 16oz Can" features 'advanced hot / cold retention' and a removable lid, and is  made out of 'durable stainless steel'. You can purchase this online for $19.99 USD.


The "Sonic the Hedgehog Shimbun Compact Cooler Bag" is available for $29.99 USD and is a more affordable way to transport your drinks and food while keeping them cool. It can hold up to 9 cans and features an insulated liner that helps chill whatever's inside. We're guessing it's somewhat foldable as well, so you can keep it stored away easily when not in use.


Finally, a 'Shimbun' version of Igloo's flagship product, the Playmate Elite, is available for $49.99 USD. It's a more durable cooler box that can take a few knocks and scrapes, features a push-button lid and can hold up to 30 cans for that long road trip.

With the holidays right around the corner, these products are releasing at just the right time for long car trips to see family and friends. And you'll get to be on-theme while doing it - the blue and white kind of matches the colour scheme of this very website right now!

Let us know what you think of these new cooler products in the comments section below.

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Oh, I like them. I like the art style too, they really pop. Which I guess is the point as Shimbun/Shinbun means "Newspaper."

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I saw the GHZ one in the store and came just short of pulling the trigger.


These new ones are even nicer. I think I know the first blow I'm going to deal to my wallet on the other side of Christmas. No rest for the weary. Poor guy just took a beating and I've already lined up his next round of fisticuffs.

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