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Bonus Missions, Christmasy Sonic, and More Coming to Sonic Forces Speed Battle

GX -The Spindash-

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It's that time of the year! By which I mean it's time for Sonic Forces Speed Battle to add winter holiday-themed character alts, and this year it looks that Sonic (the tall modern boy himself) will finally be getting the Christmas treatment. For those looking to keep their presents wrapped, HARDlight has a teaser post on X/Twitter. For those looking to peek a little early, dataminer info of both upcoming characters will be farther down the article.

Beyond a cheery skin, the game will soon get additional bonus missions to unlock and boost "Special" class characters, with the character available cycling weekly. However, much like everything else in Speed Battle, it comes at the cost of watching ads to unlock. Hopefully if you're still playing at this point, you're immune to endless Frosted Flakes or those increasingly off-putting Hero Wars ads.

Credit to Ryannumber1gamer for the news screenshot.

Finally, if you've made it far enough to want a sneak peak of two upcoming hedgehogs, @SonicMobileNews has posted the character models for both, the first being the teased "Snowdrift Sonic."

And the second adding yet another Sonic Prime character, the Nine version of Chaos Sonic, the chatty bot at the top of the naughty list.

Screenshot of post taken due to image being hidden. Link to the original thread.

You can unwrap Snowdrift Sonic later this month on the 16th, while Chaos Sonic will most likely take flight next month in celebration of Sonic Prime's final episodes. However, I've run out of Christmas metaphors, so don't pout and don't cry, as... Sonic in a festive crown and fancy red coat is coming to town?

Sonic News Tips Credit:
Original Post Content:
Announced in the latest patch update for Forces Mobile, a brand new Bonus Missions mechanic is being implemented into the game that will alternate new runners event week, and will hopefully act as a means to get special-tier characters that don't receive many reruns (Treasure Hunter Knuckles and Secret Agent Rouge has been used as the examples in the post).

Unfortunately, the catch is the bonus mission needs to be unlocked by watching a advert, after which you'll have the mission slot will remain open for a period of time. Presumably, if you don't finish the mission within that time, you'll need to watch the advert again to unlock it.

That's not all however, alongside the formal announcement of the previous teased Snowdrift Sonic.

But the game itself has received a winter makeover, with multiple maps having been covered in snow, and a special gift every single day with cards for a random runner. That's on top of the currently running Sinister Showdown event that'll let you get Infinite and Mephile if you missed them. Seems like the game is really ramping things up for Christmas now.

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18 hours ago, GX -The Spindash- said:

However, I've run out of Christmas metaphors, so don't pout and don't cry, as... Sonic in a festive crown and fancy red coat is coming to town?

Saint 'Nic.

You're welcome.

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This is where the name "Sanic" comes to use!:chuckle:

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