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Metal Sonic Completes Sonic Channel's 2023 Monthly Wallpaper Series


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The final monthly official Sonic Wallpaper for 2023 has been revealed, and Sonic Channel has enlisted the help of Dr. Eggman's trusty robot henchman, Metal Sonic, to round off the year.

As with every other month's artwork, this piece shows the iconic doppelgänger character striking an athletic pose, ready for action! Sonic Team designer Tomoko Hayane explains that the same approach was taken for Metal Sonic here, as you can see;

"Metal Sonic always seems to be ready for battle, but in this illustration, that atmosphere seems to have been greatly increased," Hayane's blog post reads (machine translated). "The facial expressions and poses that make it look like it's locking onto a formidable enemy in front of it and cornering it are so cool...!"

We've really enjoyed this year's Wallpaper art theme, and can't wait to see what approach 2024 brings us! Head to the Sonic Channel website here for the full info and hi-res downloads of the wallpapers, which you can also find below:



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Next month's Sonic Channel wallpaper features Metal Sonic! Love his pose!

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I've always thought that Metal Sonic was so well designed. He manages to be adorable and threatening at the same time. Best combination.

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Cool! Despite losing the poll for the Isekai Ogiri calendar, He got to star in his own wallpaper! I love his pose!

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I'm a bit worried as we still haven't got the January wallpaper this year, while the calendar has already been there for more than a week... Could it be that they've decided to give us only the calendar for this year? 

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