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Hi everyone! In an attempt to make the forums feel a little more lively and efficient, I've jiggled some things around concerning site-related forums and have come up with this brand new space dedicated to all Sonic Community matters (by 'Sonic Community', I mean this specific one - what other Sonic communities are possibly out there on the internet? :classic_laugh:)

This is essentially a merger of the old Feedback, Bug Reports and Community Events forums - but the chat doesn't have to be limited to all of those old subjects! Simply put, if you have a question about how this community works, or a suggestion to help improve the place, or even an activity that you want to kick off and work on with other people, this is the place to do it.

I'll also be posting in here from time to time, polling for feedback/ideas on where to take the community next, as well as other community matters/announcements that aren't worth a full-on Site Update. I may move some topics around into this forum if I feel they are more a 'community' discussion than a general discussion topic.

I encourage you all to use this space to get to know your fellow Sonic Stadium Message Board (SSMB) friends on here, and to kick-start any cool activities/ideas you might want to work on together. It's amazing what kind of absolute madness can be produced if you work together... such as the below example...

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