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Happy Halloween! Sonic Pumpkin Stencils Are Back!


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It's that time of year again, where everything gets a little bit spooky and everyone dons their favourite scary outfits to freak out the local kids when they come knocking on their door. I'm talking about Halloween, of course! And we have something cool to share so that you can make your October 31st as Sonical as possible.


Re-introducing the Sonic Stadium's archive of Sonic Pumpkin Stencils! These templates, created for this community by Rally the Cheetah, has been something of an annual tradition for us, with fans coming by every year to download our PDFs and carve out their own hedgehog creations.

We've brought them over from the old site onto this one, so now you can download these stencils all-year round if you like! They now live in our brand new Downloads portal - which will be open for our community members to contribute to very soon! In the meantime, you can find the Downloads section link in the main navigation menu under the 'Browse' section, if you ever want to return there.

In other site update news, as you can see, we fixed the 'Boom Boo' Halloween theme of the site! It went a little bit wonky the other day, and had to be taken offline temporarily... but the visual issues it was having seemed to have just fixed itself, weirdly, so now it's back. Just in time for the spooky season, too. Enjoy the King while you can, because the 'Boom Boo' seasonal theme will leave us for another year from November 1st.

If you want to share your Halloween-themed Sonic thoughts, here are some great community forum topics to get involved in. First, share your Sonic pumpkins in this great thread by @ShadowForever:

And if you want to get into the horrifying bosses, stages and storylines of the Sonic game series, you need look no further than @Sonictrainer's excellent topic on Spooky Zones:

And to round things off nicely, check out this Community Event that @Ryannumber1Scareris organising for Halloween, on the SSMB's Motobug channel:

Remember that every topic and post you contribute to the community will earn you RINGS, which can be spent on cool rewards on the Sonic Stadium's Member Shop! So get involved and chat with your fellow Sonic fan!

We hope you have a fun and candy-filled Halloween!

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