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Watch Sonic the Hedgehog Take Over A Japanese Airport (For A Day)


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Remember when we reported that SEGA was going to be partnering with an entire Japanese airport earlier this month? Well, on 23rd August the craziest part of that collaboration happened - Kyushu's 'Saga' International Airport was officially renamed to 'SEGA International Airport' for the day.


The event was covered on both the Asahi and Mainichi Shimbun websites, with plenty of photos and video to go around. As it was a specific collaboration between SEGA and ANA Airlines, Sonic the Hedgehog was on the scene along with the airline company's mascot 'Muppy' to wave off departing flights from Kyushu, as well as have photos taken with cheerful passengers.

Apparently the entire partnership was introduced by ANA flight attendant Hiroe Honda, who wanted to set up an event to show gratitude to the Saga Prefecture for its support of the airline company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Honda-san herself had been assisting the prefecture since July 2021 due to the pandemic's impact, and was reportedly pleased with the results of her efforts to bring some cheer to the area.

"Observing Sonic and Muppy interacting with children and fans made me realize that this initiative was a tremendous success," Honda-san said. She added that she intends to return as cabin crew within the year, saying, "I am committed to passionately conveying the unique features and attractions of various destinations to our valued customers."

That's really nice. Check out the video below for moving pictures of the entire day.

via Sonic City

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Now that's pretty amazing I must say and awesome too. What you do think of this?

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pretty sweet! it would be awesome if there was a place themed like this all year round.

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14 hours ago, screwball said:

pretty sweet! it would be awesome if there was a place themed like this all year round.

Same here would love to see my local airport do something like this a Sonic themed style all year around like you mentioned.

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